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Delivering Dreams for Australian riders

About the Life After Racing Mentorship

In 2023 Equestrian Hub have transitioned our Mentorship Program to support riders who own and/or compete on an Off The Track horse. We are passionate about showcasing the adaptability and versatility of these athletic equines and demonstrating they are just as qualified to compete at elite levels as any other breed. We aim to bring education and awareness to the transition programs and people who help these horses start their new careers and want to encourage and support riders committed to achieving their best, helping them and their OTT horse reach their goals and beyond.

How the Mentoring Program is helping riders

Supporting riders and the equestrian industry is something we are passionate about. Offering the winners the opportunity to be coached by professionals they may not otherwise have access to, offering a selection of Mentors for ongoing support and receiving products and gear all help towards stepping up to the next level, closer to their goals. The winner will be able to choose a mentor from our mentor program to help guide them on their journey over a 6 month period. They will also receive fortnightly lessons with a local coach of their choice, the opportunity to travel to and meet with and shadow their Mentor for a day, a nutritional assessment from KER, receive a quality saddlepad with the current sponsors logos and various products, saddlery and/or tack as the sponsors may offer. The winner will also receive profile exposure to the Equestrian Hub audience through regular updates we publish.  At its core, the prize is customised for the needs of the individual recipient to help improve their skills to take them to the next level. We announce our winners each May and November each year.

How the new format OTT program is helping horses

With a great deal of negative press surrounding the racing industry we aim to educate and inform everyday equestrians about the great work that is being done to support and transition horses into their new homes and careers. We hope this inspires an appreciation and excitement around their versatility so that more horses can be given the chance to live their second life with wonderful long-term homes.

Making it possible to Deliver Dreams

Thank our wonderful judges – Charlotte Inglis, David Shoobridge and Wayne Copping. The donation of your time and expertise in helping with the program does not go unnoticed. The program would also not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors who are also striving for improvement in the industry and support of all riders.

“We thank our sponsors for the help and donations towards Delivering Dreams to Australian riders”

2022 Rider Mentorship Winner:
Kristle Cross
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2022 Life After Racing Winner:
Naomi Vanderweg

Inspiration to keep chasing your dreams

“It’s important we take our own path to success, but wisdom is allowing experience to influence our direction, and that experience is what the delivering dreams scholarship can provide. Whatever our chosen discipline, we must continually evolve, learn, upgrade, analyse and reflect.be honest with yourself with your progress and training. Be inspired, be enthusiastic and be goal orientated.”


“The joy and invaluable life lessons we gather from horses comes from the time spent with them rather than the accolades won.  As Winston Churchill said: ‘Success is not final, failure not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts’.  Having the strength to keep going even when things go wrong is a key ingredient to success. And the joy gathered along the way is the real reward.”


“Every mistake and ‘failure’ is an opportunity to learn. And if you do what you love, your passion and drive will help push you through the tough lessons! The harder the journey, the bigger the sense of achievement. Nothing is worth doing if it takes no effort or doesn’t teach you something.”


“The delivering dreams scholarship is a great initiative, because in equestrian sport one is always learning. Coaching is an essential part of it because so many of our natural reactions are the wrong ones, and it takes a while and some help to figure that out!”


Main Image: Mentoring Program 2022 Winner Kelly Bridgland & Showtym Burrow (Image by Stephen Mowbray).

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