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Stable & Grooming

Jurox Equine Worming Range

89 Gardiner St, Rutherford, New South Wales, 2320, Australia

Simplifying the world of horse worming, the Jurox range of wormers, Axis and Promectin Plus keep you covered all year round with rotational wormers, great information and active ingredients to help slow the development of resistance in worms, to commonly used treatments.

DDSL Products

based in clontarf qld, shipping australia wide

Home of Magictails and Purepets, DDSL have developed a variety of high quality ranges which are all designed and made in Australia.

Their products are as natural and environmentally friendly as possible but they must also perform to the highest standard.


shipping australia wide

Equines2Canines was born from years of trying to combat the constant suffering of our horses every summer.   

They are the suppliers of SOA Itch Be Gone (for animals) & Skin Recovery Soap (for humans) as well as Upright Anti-cast Stable system for the equine industry.

SOA Itch Be Gone™ & SOA Skin Recovery™ soaps are manufactured in the USA and widely sold throughout the USA & UK and are effective in relieving itch and helping break the scratching cycle.


shipping australia wide

Polymaster is a leading manufacturer of quality Poly Tanks and products for agriculture, urban and industrial applications. Most trusted since 1994.

They also offer a large range of quality stable drinkers and stock water troughs and tanks.

Sterling Essentials Leather Care

Fernleigh Rd, Fernleigh, New South Wales, 2479, Australia

The world’s premier pH matched premium all natural leather care brand.

These premium, all natural essential oil powered leather care products are vegetarian products contain a special blend of natural food-grade products, as well as therapeutic grade essential oils. This ensures that your leather is nourished and protected while still being gentle on you and on your horse.

The conditioner provides a natural barrier to protect against water damage, mold, and mildew, keeping your leather in mint condition year round.
Additionally, our cleaner is specially formulated to match the pH of leather in order to prevent deterioration, keeping your valued saddles, footwear, furniture, and other leather goods healthy and happy. Both the leather cleaner and the leather conditioner are offered in several different delightful aromatherapy-like fragrances.
Your new leather care products are waiting! Experience the difference.

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