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Balancing Riding and a career – Lillie Keenan

Not only is Lillie Kennan an international show jumper from Team USA, she also studied at Harvard University to receive…

Plaiting the forelock – Alan Davies

In this video, international travelling groom Alan Davies demonstrates how he plaits Charlotte and Carl’s horses’ forelocks. Alan plaits the…

Develop a strong mindset – Andrew Hoy

Having the right mindset can take you a long way. There is no one better to ask than 8-time Olympian…

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Dressage for Jumpers with Christine Armishaw

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Improving Proprioception

Learn about what proprioception is and why it’s important for making your horse safer, more surefooted and more likely to…

How to ride a better trot

In trot, most people just bounce off their horse’s back and are stuck with the trot their horse gives them….

Time-saving Polework Exercises

In this episode Christine Armishaw shares effective pole exercises that anyone can do at home.

Positive vs Negative Reinforcement

In this training episode, Christine Armishaw discusses positive vs negative reinforcement in training.

Beginners Guide to Long-Reining

In this training episode, Christine Armishaw demonstrates a starter’s guide to long-reining a horse.

Zoom Interview with Lisa Martin

In this interview, Christine Armishaw chats with Lisa Martin all about her not one but two horrific accidents – which…