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6 quick tips for better horse ‘For Sale’ photos

I am a great believer that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression – and this is so true when advertising your horse for sale.

Providing a clear, well-lit, flattering shot of your horse will grab potential buyers’ attention immediately. In order of importance, here are my tips to help you take (or choose) photos for advertising your horse:

• LIGHT – Good lighting is so important. Dark shadows or dull images lose the subject. Use natural outdoor light, and to avoid glare and overexposure always have the sun behind you – do not shoot into the sun.

CLOSE – Don’t be afraid to get up close. The horse should fill most of the image. If they’re too far away they will look too small, making it hard to see them clearly.

LOCATION – Try to have a clean background. Not too much clutter so your horse can be clearly seen. Find a shed wall, a barn door, or an open space.

• LEVEL – It’s always best to show the horse on flat, solid ground, not on a hill or slope, so that the horse will look straight and proportionate to the buyer.

• APPROPRIATE – Keep the image appropriate to the horse’s discipline. For example, use a show jumping shot for a jumper, and a dressage or flatwork shot for a dressage horse. If possible use professionally taken action shots as they are usually best, but be sure to gain permission or purchase the image first!

Keep the image appropriate to the horse’s discipline (Image by Michelle Terlato).

• ANGLE – It’s always best to take pictures straight on from the side at the same level as your horse. Photos taken at an angle can make your horse’s proportions look distorted.

Good luck,

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Michelle Michelle Terlato Photography

Michelle Terlato photographs the world’s top equestrians and their horses at international events all over globe.

Feature Image: This photo ticks all the boxes and would immediately attract the attention of buyers (Image by Michelle Terlato).