Horses in drought

Sunshine Coast Equestrian Community to the Rescue

In May this year an incredible story of community spirit, generosity and survival in drought captivated the equestrian community at the Sunshine Coast, when the Yamba Quarter Horse stud in Narrabri was saved from certain closure, writes Ute Raabe. Arthur Kirkby’s work of a lifetime, the Yamba Quarter Horse stud in Narrabri, in the heart[…]Read More

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Equine dentistry.

Why is equine dentistry so important?

Care of our horses’ teeth is just as important as care of our own, writes Dannii Cunnane, giving us the lowdown on the essential guide to equine dentistry. In just the same manner as humans, horses use their teeth to grind and chew their food – if they cannot do this successfully, they aren’t obtaining[…]Read More

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Young Riders.

August’s Young Rider of the Month

This month’s Young Rider hails from Western Australia and is a keen equestrian with many credits to her name. Growing up on her parents 770-acre farm Sharon was bitten early by the pony bug and by the time she was five she was at pony club. But when she was only seven, disaster struck. “I[…]Read More

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There be dragons – helping horses face their fears

Adrienne Bowden has been breeding, training and competing stock horses most of her life. She also ‘Scary Obstacles’ clinics, for those who want their horses to learn a little bravery, writes Jane Camens. Some people know Adrianne – who’s usually known as Ade – Bowden through MegaHorse, the all-natural balanced horse supplement she created, that,[…]Read More

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Westfall and champion horse Popcorn

All American Quarter Horse Champion

Stacy Westfall is our Hub Hero this month. The extraordinary 2006 video of her winning the All American Quarter Horse Congress Freestyle Reining Competition, riding the beautiful black mare Roxy both bridleless and bareback went viral, and Stacy became an overnight sensation. And she’s back in Australia for Equitana 2018 later this year, writes Candida[…]Read More

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Autism spectrum children helped by horses.

HETI Conference in Dublin

Rider and coach Cathy Binz has long had an interest in equine therapeutic modalities, and in particular the effect of horses and horse-riding on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, (ASD). She was recently invited to attend the HETI (Horses in Education and Therapy International) conference in Dublin and wrote this special report for HorseVibes. I[…]Read More

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Sue-Ellen’s Ride for Cancer

When Sue-Ellen Lovatt contacted The Saddle Hub to buy a saddle suitable for her charity ride, The Challenge – Ride Against Cancer, we were delighted to help support her in her request. Sue-Ellen is a legend to many of us in the industry – she is blind but competes at FEI level dressage as an[…]Read More

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Hub Hero – Carl Hester

Carl Hester. The very name has become synonymous with the best of British dressage, including, of course, Charlotte Dujardin, who rides for his stable. Hold on to your helmets, writes Candida Baker because the dressage maestro is coming to QSEC to give a masterclass at the Brisbane CDI in late July, “Sport is demanding, we[…]Read More

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Stuart Tinney article.

Olympic Medallist Stuart Tinney OAM

Our dual-Olympic medallist, and one of Australia’s most decorated eventing riders, Stuart Tinney is taking on a new role next month as Chef d’Equipe of the World Equestrian Games eventing team at Tryon in the US. Stuart Tinney on Jeepster during the dressage event at the Sydney Olympic Games. ‘Trust’ – that all-important word in the horse/human relationship, and perhaps never more so than in the[…]Read More

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Introducing the double bridle

The double bridle is an easily misunderstood item of tack. In the right hands it is a delicate instrument of communication with the horse in the higher level of dressage. Used in the wrong way, writes Dannii Cunnane, it can be harsh on the horse and cause problems that did not exist before. Most trainers[…]Read More

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What makes Rose-Hip Vital® Equine stand alone in the cluttered equine health market?

There are in fact many reasons. It all starts with the humble Rosehip, the berry-like fruit of the wild rose bush species Rosa Canina. A wholefood known to be one of nature’s richest sources of natural vitamin C. A superfood containing 8 naturally occurring vitamins (including C, E, B1 and B6) and 23 minerals (including[…]Read More

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