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Delivering Dreams Scholarship
with a Prize Pool of $10,000

Winner Jamie Hocking: Vaulting
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Winner Luke Purtill: Dressage

About the Scholarship

The Delivering Dreams Scholarship, is something of which I am extremely proud. I created the Scholarship to help talented and passionate equestrians of all ages and abilities move closer to their dreams. The Scholarship is designed to provide motivation to recipients to help them remove any barriers that may be holding them back from achieving their goals.

What is the Scholarship?

The scholarship is made up of a number of products; such as saddlery, tack, supplements and feed or services like lessons, website and marketing support for improving your sporting profile or personal coaching.

The scholarship is customised for the needs of the individual recipient to help improve their skills to take them to the next level.

“We thank our sponsors for the help and donations towards the scholarship”

What is the value of the scholarship?

Equestrian sports are costly in time and money, the scholarship recipient will receive tuition, products and mentoring to help them achieve that which is outlined in the recipients application.

Who can apply?

Open to any age or skill level who meet eligibility requirements.

When is the closing date?

30th June 2021. (This has been extended).

When is the announcement date?

Announced in the July/August edition of Equestrian Hub Magazine.

“It’s important we take our own path to success, but wisdom is allowing experience to influence our direction, and that experience is what the delivering dreams scholarship can provide. Whatever our chosen discipline, we must continually evolve, learn, upgrade, analyse and honest with yourself with your progress and training. Be inspired, be enthusiastic and be goal orientated.”


Eligibility requirements

  1. An annual Equestrian Hub magazine subscriber.
  2. An Australian permanent resident
  3. Involved in one of the following equine disciplines:
    • Riding
      • Introduction – learning to ride
      • Endurance
      • Dressage
      • Show jumping
      • Eventing
      • Western (Barrels, Cutting, Dressage)
      • Carriage driving
      • Side saddle
      • Trick Riding
      • Other
    • Non-riding
      • Liberty
      • Equine health
  4. Committed to providing regular updates on their activities and progress which will be featured in Equestrian Hub magazine, social media, emails and on the Equestrian Hub website.

“The joy and invaluable life lessons we gather from horses comes from the time spent with them rather than the accolades won.  As Winston Churchill said: ‘Success is not final, failure not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts’.  Having the strength to keep going even when things go wrong is a key ingredient to success. And the joy gathered along the way is the real reward.”


Selection Criteria

The scholarship will be awarded, at the discretion of the Equestrian Hub selection committee, to the applicants showing the greatest merit as demonstrated by:

  1. Dedication and ambition
  2. Achievements and capabilities; and
  3. Demonstrated desire

All applicatants will be graded according to the criteria outlined in the application process.  The shortlisted applicants are forwarded to a judging panel to be further assessed.

View the Scholarship Terms and Conditions

“The delivering dreams scholarship is a great initiative, because in equestrian sport one is always learning. Coaching is an essential part of it because so many of our natural reactions are the wrong ones, and it takes a while and some help to figure that out!”


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