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Brydee Andrew – sponsored by Filly & Co

10-year-old Brydee Andrew, has one motto.

You won’t know until you try, she says.

She has certainly, at her young age, practised what she’s preached. I used to be afraid of camp-drafting, and I would cry, she says, but now I love it, and I’ve started team penning as well.

Brydee competes on her beloved Quarter Horse, Magic. He’s 11-years-old and he’s around 15.3 hh, she says. He has a beautiful white star and a long black tail. It sounds as if his name suits him!

Brydee is in Year 4 at St. Laurence’s Primary School in Dubbo, and she’s been riding Magic for three years. I actually started when I was only 18-months-old, she says. My ambition is to become a better rider and win blue ribbons for sporting at Pony Club like my Dad did.

Good on you Brydee!

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