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Rose-Hip Vital Equine

Fiona Todd’s old broody Zar, has rediscovered the spring in her hoof since she’s been on Rose-Hip Vital..

I have a wonderful large Oldenburg mare in my paddock who has now reached the stately age of 20. Zar was retired from her showjumping career because of a torn sesamoid ligament, she’s always had a stifle click and suffers from swelling in her joints from time to time. I’d read about Rose-Hip Vital and after I’d given it to her her for a mont I was really pleased with her improved movement and the absence of the stifle click. Her overall demeanour is improved and she is moving herself around freely and happily in her paddock – she’s even able to buck and snort like a six year old. For an old broody, she looks awesome and seems pretty happy with her lot in life.

Stupid me though, after falling off my horse two years ago and breaking my back and pelvis, I suffer from quite a bit of lower back pain. I wish I’d put myself on Rose-Hip Vital as quickly as I put my horse on it! ™

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