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QLD Showjumping Club

Queensland Showjumping Club Inc. aims to promote the sport of Showjumping in many facets.

We aim to provide a world-class venue where horses safely and confidently reach the heights of their potential. Where riders are encouraged to develop their skills and attain their goals and where officials can become professional in ability and performance.

The club believes Showjumping is a spectacular and skillful sport. We aim to promote an ethical and sustainable system within our club to encourage both sponsors and spectators to engage with our Equestrian discipline.

Our aim is to foster goodwill within the Equestrian fraternity and encourage all Equestrians to become involved. Social and Associate members are most welcome.

The club prioritizes the welfare of the horse at all times.

Couple at showjumping event with trophy.

The Queensland Showjumping Club’s main objective is to provide horse and rider with constructive training that encourages development in the equestrian discipline of Showjumping. The aim is to get riders and horses to a standard at which they can compete in either Amateur (1.15mtr) or Junior (1.20mtr) classes at Official Jumping Shows anywhere in Australia. From that point it is up to them how far they want to go, World Cup Jumping and Olympic Games are the ultimate goal but there are many levels in between that all riders can aspire to. The Sunshine Coast Showjumping Club has jump days monthly offering classes at 50cm, 60cm and 70cm and Pony Club also provide a venue where riders can have fun jumping over low obstacles, however it is the aim of the QSCI to start at a minimum height of 70 to 80cm and provide support and encouragement so all riders improve.

With financial support from the Scenic Rim Equestrian Club, the club was able to affiliate with Equestrian Australia, provide insurance cover to members through Gow Gates and register as an incorporated club.

The Queensland Showjumping Club Inc. was registered in July 2013 and held its first activity (Training Day) on the 1st September 2013. In line with club objectives the second activity of the club was a David Finch School held at QSEC on 3rd October 2013.QSCI will continue to work within the broader Equestrian community to raise the standard of Showjumping in Queensland to new heights.

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