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Product review : Toxin Binder

Stance Equitec Toxin Binder

Have you ever looked at your horse and thought that something just doesn’t look right? You’re feeding them the best feeds, they’re rugged, brushed, bathed regularly and their coat is still looking dull and off colour? Well, writes Shae Herwig, the Stance Equitec Toxin Binder might be the answer for you.

I’ve often heard people talk about feeding their horses mycotoxin binders but until now I d never thought my horses needed it. But towards the end of this summer Jasper, my black Friesian x Welsh Cob gelding, started to become itchy and irritated, with his coat colour changing dramatically from a nice black to an off, dull brown.

At first I blamed the hot humid weather and insects but even insect repellents, medicated shampoos and itch creams nothing seemed to make a difference. Both a friend and my local feed store suggested I try feeding the Stance Equitec Toxin Binder because they had both had success with this product. After doing a little more research it made a lot of sense and seemed it could be the answer to my problem.

A mycotoxin is a substance produced by fungus. Living near the coast in Northern NSW our area is prone to hot humid weather (and those spectacular summer storms!) creating the perfect grounds for all types of fungus. Our paddocks are primarily filled with Paspalum grass which contains high mycotoxin levels in the plant close to the ground. Basically, the toxin binder works by attaching to the mycotoxins in the horse’s gut so they cannot be absorbed and they are then excreted harmlessly. After learning all of this it was apparent that the toxin binder was worth a try!

My initial impression when I opened the bucket was that it had quite a strong smell to it but knowing Jasper is a pig and will literally eat anything I was sure he would accept it in his feed. If your horse is a fussy eater you may need to introduce it in very small doses or with something such as molasses to mask the smell. The recommended feeding dose of the Stance Equitec Toxin Binder is only 20-60g split over two feeds.

After only a week of feeding I noticed a HUGE difference in Jasper’s health. His coat colour went from a dull brown colour to a beautiful shiny black, his sores from scratching and his general itchiness eased and he is a much happier horse. I am so relieved to have found such a great product that has made such a massive difference in such a short time.

There are a few different brands of toxin binders on the market but I find the Stance Equitec Toxin binder to be very affordable. It sells for: 500g – $35, 1kg – $55, 2kg – $85, 6kg – $200 It is also easily accessible online at most feed/produce stores.

I can highly recommend the Stance Equitec Toxin binder it’s affordable, easy to feed and I’ve had great results!

This photo of Jasper was taken on the 13th March and the featured image 27th April.  We actually have a black warmblood yearling on the property whose colour underwent exactly the same improvement and his his temperament became much more acceptable.  Fiona

The Toxin Binder product review was featured in the May 2018 edition of HubVibes


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