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Product Review: Smeg-U-Later

Sheath cleaning it may not the most glamourous or popular horse care procedure on the planet but it must be done.  Geldings can accumulate smegma along their sheath and penis which is a waxy mixture of oil, dirt and skin cells. Occasionally these can form beans (a hardened ball of smegma) that can lodge inside the sheath or the urethra and can cause medical issues. I received my bottle of Smeg-u-Later, which is an all-natural sheath cleaner in the post and I have to say, it made my letterbox smell wonderful. The formula is all-natural and has calming Lavender oil included which not only smells divine but it also has a calming effect on both horse and the undercarriage cleaner (me). Luckily my horse is a freak and has no issues being handled down there ™, so after a spray up the nether regions with warm water we were good to go.  A small amount of this product goes a long way and it’s easily rubbed into the nooks and crannies to loosen any debris. It cuts through the dirt easily and its scent is heavenly as we all hate the natural smell associated with this job. While you don’t need to, I did rinse everything off when I was done and was quite happy with how much dirt was removed. Not only was my horse super clean down there, he was also extremely relaxed. The best part about this product is that it’s all-natural and environmentally friendly. EcoLicious Equestrian makes many products and they are all ecofriendly so you’re making a green choice when purchasing from this company. I enjoyed using this product so much that I’m not dreading the next time it needs to be undertaken. Want to purchase a bottle? More information can be found on the Equi-Luxe-Selle website.

Written by Features Editor: Dannii Cunnane


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