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HubVibes writer, Dannii Cunnane, was lucky enough to test the Horseware Sportz-Vibe massage rug on her noble steed Dexter. Dexter is an off-the-track Thorough­bred who suffers shoulder and sacroiliac pain.

Horseware rugs have been some of the best quality rugs available on the market for years, and they have gone one step further by producing a wonderful massage rug called the Sportz-Vibe. Let me tell you horse friends, your horse will not be disappointed.

Just as we do, horses often become sore in their muscles and benefit from massage or physiotherapy of some kind. Not only can massage im­prove a horse’s performance, wellbeing and movement by increasing blood flow and alleviating tension, it’s also relaxing for them.

The Sportz-Vibe is not only stylish, it’s light and portable, which allows your horse to have the benefits of massage every day. It fits snugly into its own cute backpack that still has room for your equine bits and pieces. Everything about it is super-stylish!

The rug itself is made out of lightweight quality cotton that comes in three sizes. The underside of the rug has room for eight massage pan­els which spread across the horse’s body. Additional mas­sage panels and battery can be purchased separately.

There are two settings on the battery, low and high. I’ve found that the low setting is ideal for a pre-work relaxation treatment and the high setting is a little more intense, perfect to relieve tension in sore and tired muscles after a ride. Tthe battery will turn itself off after its 20 minute cycle.

While Dexter doesn’t like being poked or prodded to alleviate pain, he certainly enjoyed the Sportz-Vibe mas­sages. Being simple to use it was a matter of throwing on the rug, buckling up the straps and choosing the setting.

I used the rug pre-ride and noticed that Dexter felt more supple after his session, and really relaxed. Flexion to the left (his stiff side) seemed to be a little easier for him and he was able to go about his work without a huge warm-up. The post-workout session was also well received, with Dex­ter stretching out and falling asleep while I was plaiting his mane for a competition the next day. My plaits were amazing – for a change!

I was so happy with the results that I took it to the local dressage competition to try out on other horses between their tests. Their reaction was the same as Dexter’s – the test subjects relaxed, spread themselves out and really enjoyed their 20 minutes of vibrating bliss.

I highly recommend the Sportz-Vibe rug to all horse owners. It has been brilliant to maintain my own horse’s health and the testimonials speak for themselves. For more information on Horseware Australia, visit their website.

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