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Kieffer Sydney Dressage

Kieffer Saddles, quality and affordable pre-loved second hand saddles for Australian Equestrians

Michelle Hiley recently purchased a Kieffer Sydney dressage saddle for Perri, her beautiful Arabian Riding Pony gelding. 

I chose this 17-inch saddle because I’ve ridden in Kieffer before and they’ve always been very comfy, explains Michelle. I’ve only had the saddle for a short time, but I’ve already received lots of positive comments on it. Both myself and Perri find it extremely comfy it’s been brilliant for my posture and a great fit for my pony. He is a round pony and the style fits his shape beautifully so that he’s able to move correctly without restriction.  

Michelle points out that the Kieffer brand are well known for being a high quality saddle: The leather is super soft and of excellent quality, she says.  Even when I make mistakes in my riding (as I am sure we all do) I always feel secure and the knee rolls also help me maintain a more correct seat and posture. 

Michelle would highly recommend this saddle to anyone looking for quality and value. Before I purchased this saddle, I was riding in a saddle that didn’t fit Perri very well, she explains. A poor fitting saddle can do so much damage but with the Kieffer, Perri seems to be happier with the fit.  I also found that due to the poor saddle fit, my balance was all over the place and Perri was getting confused with what I was asking of him. Now our rides are really enjoyable. 

Working as a veterinary nurse I’m always conscious of animal welfare, and I wanted to make sure I had a great fit for Perri and an option to return if it was unsuitable.  The saddle arrived quickly and was well packaged.


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