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How to pack a saddle The Saddle Hub way

There are several different methods used to package saddles. The Saddle Hub’s manager Shae, shows you the fastest and safest way to pack your saddle for shipping to us.

Saddle Packing Demonstration

What do I pack my saddle in?

The Saddle Hub’s preference is to package them into a removalist carton, which are sturdy and the saddle
travels well in them.

The cartons, commonly referred to as a Tea Chest, measure 45 x 45 x 60cm.

NOTE: courier companies charge an excess over this size, which we may pass on to you.
Secure the bottom of the carton with quality packaging tape two or three runs along the
join and one across it.

How do I wrap and package my saddle?

Place some bubble wrap in the bottom of the box. Wrap more bubble wrap around the cantle and
down the front of the saddle.

What packaging does The Saddle Hub not accept?

We ONLY accept sheets and towels as other forms of acceptable packaging; stuffing the carton with old feed bags, polystyrene, newspaper, outdoor cushions and the like will incur a rubbish removal fee and often a cleaning fee.

If your saddle has a cover, put the wrap inside the cover as it helps hold it in place.

What is the best way to place my saddle in the box?

Place the saddle in the box pommel down and secure the top.

Where can I get boxes from?

Removalist cartons are available from removalists, Bunnings, independent hardware
stores or packaging specialists.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with packing your saddle, our friendly Saddle Hub team are happy to help!

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