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How to Measure Your Horse for the Right Saddle Fit

When looking for a saddle to purchase, especially when buying online, it is important to take some measurements of your horse so you can determine the size and shape of saddle that might be suitable.

We can offer recommendations on what saddle type, style and size will fit both you and your horse if you can provide us with some images and measurements.

Information Required

What we need to know from you is:

  1. Discipline you ride
  2. Saddle Seat Size (if not sure on size please tell us how tall you are and what size pants you wear)
  3. Saddle Colour
  4. Budget
  5. Any other preferences (eg. small or big knee blocks, deep or open seat, forward cut flaps, what you find comfortable or uncomfortable, saddles you have ridden in previously and what you liked or disliked about it etc)

Gullet and Panel Size

In addition to the above 5 items, we also need to determine the gullet and panel shape that will suit your horse. This is where sending us some images and taking a wither tracing is helpful.

What you need to do is use a soft piece of wire around the horses wither where the front forks of the saddle would fit, as seen below.

Ensure you bend the wire to fit snug along the wither and down the sides as this will give a good indication of the horses spine, shoulder and ‘saddle pouch’ or pocket shape. You can then trace this wire mould onto an A4 paper sheet and scan and emailed to us so we can measure this against the saddles you are interested in, and offer recommendations for saddles that may fit your horses shape.

Photos of Your Horse

We ask that you send us an image of your horse standing square from the side,as below.

Another image we ask for is one standing at the back of the horse looking from above, towards the head. PLEASE be careful when taking this image, and do not do it if your horse is known to kick. You may also place your horse in a crush for your safety.

The images give us a good idea of the horses back shape so we know what style of tree and panels should suit.

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