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Charity Spotlight: White Angels Horse Rescue

White Angels Horse Rescue is located in the Kinglake Ranges outside of Melbourne. It is a non-profit organisation with the mission to rescue neglected and abused horses.

Most of the horses in their care have been purchased from the auctions, where they would otherwise go to the slaughter houses. White Angels Horse Rescue also takes on horses that have been neglected or abandoned by their owners.

When horses arrive at White Angels Horse Rescue they are washed, rugged, wormed and immunised. They have their teeth and feet done and live in quarantine paddocks until they are seen by our vet. After that the horses can enter the rehab program.

For horses that can be nursed back to health and are capable of being rehomed, they undertake natural horsemanship courses and will have the option of being adopted by capable horse enthusiasts.

For horses that are too injured or old to be rehomed, they live out their days in the White Angels Horse Rescue sanctuary with plenty of love and attention.

How to help

Funds are required to purchase these horses at auction, where often their only option is to go to the meat men. Once they arrive at White Angels Horse Rescue they often require extensive feeding and work that includes teeth, hoof care and veterinary attention.

Donations are always welcome to pay for expenses. Payments can be made online with regular direct debits being the preferred option. You can also apply to adopt one of the many horses that White Angels Horse Rescue have available.

Want to know more?

Why not visit the White Angels Horse Rescue website and see what wonderful work they do for horses in need.

Written by: Dannii Cunnane

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