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Albion Fabrento

What do you do when you haven’t ridden for years, you’re out of touch with modern saddle design, and you want to find a saddle that you ™ll love?

Amy Carson, who lives in Blackheath NSW, has an interesting story to tell.

She started riding when she was 12 and attended her local Pony Club where she had the opportunity to try out a variety of disciplines.

However, family finances were tight and so where riding opportunities until fate stepped in.

An experienced instructor, a retired Austrian man, took me under his wing. It was through him that I fell in love with dressage. He gave me so many free lessons – I was very lucky, Amy says.

She later completed a Diploma of Equine Studies at the University of Queensland, before life took over with marriage, two beautiful children, and a 13 year riding hiatus.

But 18 months ago, the Carsons bought their children a pony, and a few months after, Amy bought a horse of her own, Oxlea Coco, a warmblood Thoroughbred cross. Next item on the list, a saddle!

Amy initially purchased one: which was quite nice, but I wanted one that I loved. Although I knew exactly the size and fit of saddle that I needed for my horse, plus the type of saddle that I wanted to ride in, it was very challenging to find the right mix.

First the Hub sent me a different Albion, which was great for my horse but not for me. Next was a Prestige, then a Peter Horoben, then lastly an Equipe and an Albion Fabrento. Both were wonderful, but the Albion Fabrento won the day! she laughs.

Amy, who still loves dressage, is about to enter the world of Working Equitation with her daughter. She has also launched her own business as a hoof care professional specialising in barefoot, an approach she’s passionate about.

It was such a process to go through, but they made it so easy and enjoyable. Nothing was too much trouble and the outcome was sensational. I’m extremely grateful, she says.

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