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Equestrian Hub Magazine May/June 2021

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Well, what a journey we’ve been on at Equestrian Hub since we last got together!  You’ll notice our magazine has a beautiful new name, our website is new and fresh, and the VIP area is growing every week. Our aim is to be the go-to place to enhance your equestrian journey on every level. On that note, we’ve extended the closing date of the Delivering Dreams Scholarship to 30th June – and also note that the prize pool is $10,000 in lessons, feeds, supplements, apparel and tack. Definitely not to be sneezed at!

As a magazine subscriber you have access to our VIP area, and that’s where you’ll find Charlie’s latest super informative podcast with nutritionist Larissa Bilston. Our new overseas correspondent Jess Morton gives her expert take on the fashion trends coming to us from Europe – and be sure to tune in every fortnight as Jess talks stallions, events, fashion and so much more.

And we’re absolutely delighted to welcome Conversations with David.  David Shoobridge needs no introduction and his contributions for our VIPs will be as informative as they are inspirational.

And now to this issue, the first under the banner of Equestrian Hub Magazine.

Amanda Mac shines a spotlight on Daniella Dierks – and what an epic journey her career has been – while Charlie Brister unpacks the flying change in the first of a two part series, which in this issue, looks at the movement from a dressage perspective. That’s before he asks 20 Questions of Robert Stewart, eventer and show jumper extraordinaire.

Have you ever thought that equestrians at the top of their game have an easy ride?  Well, we can assure you that elite riders go through the same challenges as you – which is what Christine Armishaw discovers when she talks to Olympic legend, Shane Rose, who’s still busy pursuing his quest to be the best he can be.

Paula Jeffrey gives us a heads up on the interaction between biomechanics, performance and saddle fit, and while on the subject of saddles, we look at the not so simple world of stirrups. Choosing the correct irons is nearly as complex as getting the right saddle – it seems the one size fits all days are long gone!

Our resident vet Dr Doug tackles itch, the scourge of the equestrian world.  Seeing a horse suffering from itch is as frustrating and upsetting for the owner as it is for the poor pony.

Our new European correspondent Jess Morton delves into the history of the iconic European herdsman and their horses, and our nutrition article is on the always complex issue of feeding in winter. Then we head across to Western Australia to take a look at an estate purpose built to enhance the welfare and retraining of ex-racehorses.

‘Handling the Equine Athlete’ is the first of an excellent two part Training Tips series from David Shoobridge, and you’ll love reading about the very special relationship between Jeremy Janjic and Django of Cacharel in this issue’s Perfect Partners.

Thinking of building an arena? What surface are you considering? What do you need to know about drainage? There’s plenty of food for thought in our article on arenas, and if you’ve ever wondered about coat colour, Colour Genetics 101 is a must read.

Looking for the horse of your dreams? Sharon Ridgway of fame climbs onto the Tackbox and gives us a helping hand based on over 25 years’ experience in matching horses and riders.

We talk to Young Rider Maleah Lang-McMahon, just back from a very successful Sydney Royal, we take a look at the awesome Holsteiner, and then explore fashions designed to deliver a warmer winter.

And of course there’s so much more, but for now, pour your favourite tipple, relax and enjoy. I know I’m going to!


Well, what a journey we’ve been on at Equestrian Hub since we last got together!  You’ll notice our magazine has…


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