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Shane Davidson

Since returning to Australia from Germany, Shane has produced horses who have carried him to success in the competition arena, earning his inclusion in elite squads.

Many young Australian riders dream of riding and training in Germany, but a young Shane Davidson actually made his dream come true. His first European trip was for six months, but he then returned to Germany for several years to study in the world famous Bereiter program. While in Germany, Shane had the privilege to train with some of the world’s best dressage and jumping coaches, including dressage riders Hannes Baumgart, Ulla Salzgeber and Martina Hannover, show jumpers Gilbert Boeckmann, Joachim Heyer and Hans-Heinrich Engemann, and Olympic eventer Harry Klugmann.

Shane also competed his homebred stallion Fairbanks Catargo at the World Young Jumping Horse Championships in Lanaken, Belgium – the first time Australia had been represented in this prestigious breeding showcase event.

After seven years, and despite offers from a number of German training barns to stay and work for them, Shane came home to Queensland. At the end of the day it was time to return to the family stud, to train horses, and to work as a coach in what quickly became a rapidly growing role.

Watching Shane teach, it is obvious that he spent his time in Germany wisely. His message is straight out of the modern German riding canon: forward into a soft contact, the rider in balance, the horse in balance, and the horse doing the work.

Along with wife Mattea, Shane now owns and operates Davidson Equestrian, a professional competition stable and established performance horse stud (with notable success in breeding horses for dressage, jumping and eventing), offering agistment and training facilities designed to provide the optimum environment for every horse.

Q: What was your dream or what were your goals when you first set your sights on the equestrian industry

To be able to compete at a national and international level on homebred and produced horses.

Q: We believe in the great value of mentors, did you or do you have a mentor that has made a significant impact in your life or career?

Definitely! There have been many over the years and still today. They are fellow competitors, and horsemen and women from all the different disciplines.

Q: What is the best advice you were ever given?

Have a system with your horses that remains consistent, but always be willing to adapt to the individual needs of each horse.

Q: What roadblock or roadblocks have you overcame to be where you are today professionally?

Like many riders, injuries to myself and my horses have hampered my best laid plans.