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About the Magazine

Informative, Inspirational, Aspirational.

We’re not just our tagline – Informative, Inspirational and Aspirational – we’re more, much more, and one of our aims is to encourage every person involved in the equestrian industry to find the highest expression of themselves possible, no matter how their lives connect with horses.

Here, at Equestrian Hub, we believe in community, and we believe in goals. And it’s our belief that we stand out from the equestrian magazine crowd for exactly those reasons.

We pride ourselves on providing inspirational stories from everyday riders to our elite athletes, such as David Shoobridge, Vicki Roycroft, Shane Rose, Edwina Alexander, Warwick Schiller, Amanda Ross and Brett Parbery… just to name a few. 

Our amazing monthly smorgasbord of features, are all designed to educate, encourage and entertain.

Be inspired. Stay informed. Keep on Trend.

From the Horses Mouth
From the Horses Mouth
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The Equestrian Hub Magazine’s $10k Delivering Dreams Scholarship

We received some exceptional applicants for this year’s Delivering Dreams Scholarship. Selecting a recipient proved difficult, so much so that our judges have chosen two particularly outstanding applicants: Jamie Hocking and Luke Purtill.

Read more to find out about the current $10,000 Delivering Dreams Scholarship, our outstanding 2020 winners, as well as some of our exceptional past winners.

What you will find in Issue 1, 2022

Kevin McNab

From strength to strength and preparing for WEG.

Frangibles Debate

Wayne Copping explains the changes and weighs in on the debate.

Sarah Clark

Building confidence and capability on the x-country course.

Bit Fitting

Expert Charmae Bell answers your most FAQs on bits and fitting.

Horse Health

Our experts discuss managing Anhidrosis, water quality, dental health and 4 steps to a balanced diet.

Girth Guide

The Saddlefitter, Kathryn Sullivan-Butt explores all things girths.

Brister's Brief

Tips for starting young horses over jumps.

Mounted Police

How troop horses andre selected and trained.

Euro Trends

Concept of social stabling direct from a state-of-the-art German Warmblood stud.

Plus so much more...

Our first property feature, 20 q’s with Kathy O’Hara, training the OTTB… and so much more!

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