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Up close with Maya Delorez

JESS MORTON chats with Amanda Jacobsson, spokesperson for the acclaimed Maya Delorez label.

Since its launch in 2018, there’s been a lot of hype around equestrian brand Maya Delorez. The cutting edge Swedish company is renowned for blending ready-to-wear designs with high-tech functionality.

After selling one of her horses, brand founder Madelene Törnblom decided to use the sale’s proceeds to start up her own e-commerce business, creating a brand that offers the sort of versatile and performance-driven products that she herself would buy.

From the very start, her strengths lay in knowing her target audience and how to reach them. She understood that equestrians ride better when they feel good in what they’re wearing, so she set out to create a range of apparel designed to maximize performance whilst ensuring style and comfort.

Thanks to direct-to-consumer content and a largely organic content marketing strategy, the company has expanded rapidly over the past four years and continues to grow, leveraging its value-oriented, high-performance innovation to scale internationally

Jackie Compression Breeches

While other more traditional brands rely on external retail outlets to promote their products and values, Maya Delorez remains exclusively in-house through their web shop, social channels and horse shows, creating a more personalised shopping experience for the brand’s community of loyal, engaged followers.

JM: What makes Maya Delorez unique?

AJ: We stand out because we sell riding apparel adapted to all elements of equestrian sport. We know that riding is sweaty and tough, and we know that equestrians need gear that helps maximize athletic performance, not make it harder. Our product range is designed to be functional, without compromising on style and comfort. With collections for kids, women and men, we offer something for all riders.

JM: What’s your best-selling product?

AJ: Our breeches, big time! Compression breeches are by far the most popular with our customers.

JM: Do you think equestrians buy according to their favorite brand?

AJ: We have loyal customers coming to us from all over the world. The feedback they give us is that they come back to us because of the way each product fits and how that makes them feel when they’re wearing it. So, with that in mind, yeah, we think a lot of equestrians shop according to their favorite brand – that is, if they find a brand that meets their requirements.

Adele Show Jacket

JM: Is there crossover between lifestyle and competition wear?

AJ: Our everyday range is by far the largest and most popular. But with competitions starting up again after the pandemic we are beginning to sell more competition wear.

JM: How did the pandemic change the equestrian world?

AJ: The pandemic has affected equestrian sports in many ways. For example, there have been many canceled competitions, horse fairs, and international events around the world. But we also believe that our industry has helped many people during these tough times. The stable can be a safe place where you get the opportunity to escape reality for a while, clear your mind, and think about other things.

Now that the pandemic is hopefully coming to an end, we believe that all people, not only those who take part in equestrian sports, will appreciate what was lost and gained over the last two years.

JM: What recent Maya Delorez achievements are you proudest of?

AJ: Our global expansion and how equestrians from all over the world are joining our community. Nothing makes us happier than when customers contact us and tell us they are satisfied with their purchases. And last year, together with professional rider Carl Hedin, we launched our first men’s collection. All the products in that collection turned out so well, and the general reception was above all of our expectations. That makes us proud too!

JM: What do you think will be on trend this year?

AJ: As competitions begin to reopen here in Europe, a boom of new, exciting pieces adapted for the show scene are likely to appear on the market. We just released our first show jacket, a classic style made from a functional fabric. We also think that athletic and wearable styles are here to stay, and that this trend will become even more evident in 2022.

JM: Will your collection remain online only?

AJ: So we can keep as much of our business in-house as possible we only sell directly to our customers. That also means we maintain more control over our supply chain, guarantee both fast and flexible service, and interact with our community directly. We have our own Maya Delorez warehouse and our own customer service team who know every one of our products by heart, and they also understand our customers.That is important for us.

This year, we plan to continue our global expansion, make our website available in more languages, and build a strong bond with every single client by making him or her feel a fundamental part of our community.

Feature image: Nadine Competition Sport Shirt.