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The Power of Light

Horses need light for far more than just vision. The constantly repeating cycles of light and dark synchronise an internal clock system that coordinates all bodily functions to a 24-h (daily) and 365-day (annual) rhythm. Blue light is the most biologically effective light responsible for regulating an animal’s internal rhythms. The Equilume Performance Lighting system comprises fully automated intelligent Stable Lights and mobile Light Masks that harness the benefits of the blue wavelength light for horses.

Correct Lighting Impacts Physiology at the Cellular Level

For horses, optimised lighting impacts coat condition, muscle development, immunity, fertility, behaviour and mood. It is hard to believe that a lighting system can impact so many aspects of a horse’s health and welfare. Dr. Barbara Anne Murphy, Founder & CSO at Equilume, explains: “Normal indoor lighting falls significantly short on providing the optimum light spectrum for horses to function well. The Equilume Light Mask was specifically designed to stimulate cells that drive strong, healthy rhythms throughout the horse’s body. 

The goal is to provide the horse with lighting that best reflects and mimics the benefits of the natural environmental day-night cycle. This is essential to generate and maintain circadian rhythms that ensure optimum health and performance. Our research results, as well as feedback from clients are very exciting; horses thrive under this system – they put on more lean muscle, increase appetites, improve behaviour and focus during training sessions, coat condition blossoms and they are healthier overall.”

Gabi Chugg and PSS Levilensky courtesy of Jasmine Dunmore Photography.

“Equilume Light Masks keep our performance horses in top condition and their coats glowing! Even with an extended break from competition over winter, the blue light helped maintain their muscle tone and they came back to work looking a million dollars.”–  Chris & Gabi Chugg, Chuggy Equestrian

The development of the Equilume Cashel Light Mask has been a gamechanger for performance and showing horses as it delivers consistent and optimum light levels whether they are stabled, out grazing or travelling to competition.  By supporting the horse’s body clock, the light mask helps maintain muscle tone, strengthens immunity, ensures a sleek and shiny coat, maximises health and positively influences behaviour and overall well-being.

Equilume Cashel Light Mask

Artificial lighting is often used to help optimise coat growth, and using the Cashel Light Mask from January will help to maintain your horse or pony’s show coat shine and avoid clipping in the months to come as the day-length shortens.

“We have been using the Equilume Light Masks for 5 seasons now and absolutely love them. Our ponies look fantastic when using them, and importantly they keep their coats perfectly for Horse of the Year Show.” – Sarah Fitzgerald

“We have had fantastic results for the last few years using Equilume Light Masks. They produce super coats, stimulate muscle development and help to keep the horses relaxed.

This simple-to-use hood makes all the difference to producing horses at the top level and we had a very successful 2021. Thank you Equilume!” – Rochelle King-Andrews, Grand Prix Dressage

Rochelle King-Andrews courtesy of Rodney Photography.

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