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Stable Staples

Caring for your horse, gear, and even YOURSELF has never been so easy!


The Ariat Women’s barnyard Twin Gore II H20 Antique Brown Boot is the ideal boot for cleaning out stables and general work around the farm. You can get it dirty and hose it off nice and clean in a few minutes. The-full grain leather with waterproof construction delivers durabiliy and all-day comfort. RRP $269.95

2. Sterling Essentials Leather Conditioner and Cleaner

Sterling Essentials cleaner not only smells amazing, but is a vegetarian product that contains a special blend of natural food-grade products, as well as therapeutic grade essential oils. These protecting and nourishing essential oils ensure that your leather is nourished and protected, preventing mildew and mould, while still being gentle on you and on your horse. RRP $39.95 VIP Members $33.96.

3. Bio-Bloom HF

Bio-Bloom® HF is a dual-action supplement designed to improve skin and coat condition, and promote healthy hoof growth from the inside out. It is the ideal hoof and coat conditioner for horses that need to be presented at their best for show, sale, or parade.

4. EO-3

EO-3™, a potent marine-derived oil that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The consumption of EPA and DHA from a source such as EO-3 is the only way to ensure that these fatty acids are available for metabolism of the “less-inflammatory” compounds and other metabolites beneficial for the horse’s overall health and well-being. EO-3 supplies omega-3 fatty acids, compounds with positive effects on reproduction, bone development and numerous inflammatory conditions in horses.

5. TuffRock EJF

EJF World’s first everyday joint support made from volcanic collagen minerals for Synovial Joint Fluid, Cartilage, Ligaments, Tendons, Muscles and Bones.
RRP $56.50 (2.5kg)

6. Tuff Tubbs

Heavy duty made from durable plastic, solid strong handles, UV Stablised. These tubbs are very popular as feed buckets but they have a range of uses from feed or storage of the kids toys maybe even a portable herb garden the list is endless. Grab them from our friends at Newrybar Produce RRP $19.50.

What can you not live without in your stable?