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How to Change Easy-Change Gullet Plates

Changing your own gullet does not need to be daunting, and is quite a simple process. We have prepared some easy to follow steps to assist you change your gullets.

Tools needed: 1 phillips head screwdriver

Step 1:

Locate the screws (they are usually either under the stirrup skirts or on the underside of the gullet). Unscrew both sides using the screwdriver


Step 2:

Undo the velcro on the underside of the gullet to locate the gullet plate

Step 3:

Pull the panel and flap away from the tree points so they are not attached to the rest of the saddle (see picture)

Step 4:

Unscrew both screws on either end of the gullet plate then remove the plate

Step 5:

Place the new gullet plate in the saddle and redo the screws on either end

Step 6:

Place the tree points back into the holes on the panels and flaps (like in Step 3)

Step 7:

Fold the Velcro tab back under the gullet (like in Step 2)

Step 8:

Screw in the screws that are under the stirrup skirts (see step 1)

Step 9:

Happy riding! ?

The gullet we have used in this example is for Bates and Wintec saddles. Most of the easy change saddles are done very similar.