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European Trends: Reduce, reuse, recycle

If looking after the planet is high on your agenda, there’s lot to love about Horseware Ireland’s Eco collection, writes JESS MORTON.

As we become more aware of some of our less than sustainable habits, recycled plastic has arguably become a big thing. And with growing concern over climate change, a new generation of ecologically minded equestrian designers is pioneering ways to use recycled plastics in their products, including the manufacture of turn out rugs.

Even though, for the moment, only a small portion of equestrian brands use recycled materials for their turnout collections, this still represents a massive breakthrough within the equestrian industry. As more and more brands work together to help combat pollution, the demand for recycled alternatives will no doubt boom.

Earlier this year, Horseware Ireland launched the highly anticipated Eco collection, which includes the Amigo AmECO 12 Plus turnout rug. This groundbreaking rug is made from rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), derived from recycled plastic bottles.

Empty PET bottles are collected, washed, and turned into flakes, which are then melted into tiny pellets before being extruded and spun into polyester yarn. The entire process is certified by Global Recycled Standards to ensure only plastic bottles derived from actual consumer waste are used, and that the production process uses less water, fewer chemicals, and produces less CO2 than occurs in the manufacture of virgin polyester yarns.

All Rambo turnout rugs are sold in a Bag for Life.

For each full-size blanket sold, an average of 218 plastic bottles are recycled and reused. To extend an extra helping hand to the planet, Horseware Ireland have partnered with One Tree Planted, and have pledged to plant a tree for every Amigo AmECO 12 Plus blanket sold.

Clare Silke, Horseware Ireland’s product innovation manager is proud of the company’s direction. “Our vision for the future at Horseware Ireland is to become 100 per cent circular. By using renewable and/or recycled materials, we hope to help promote sustainability in every aspect of our customers’ daily life, helping them to make better informed decisions related to product design.”

Aisling McGee, one of Horseware Ireland’s designers, is similarly inspired. “As a designer I strive to develop and create products with a long life span, meaning less waste in our landfills. We have a responsibility to use our skills to solve problems. Each product we create needs to have a purpose if we want to move away from a throw away culture. We all need to do what we can to help eliminate pollution.”

All Rambo turnout rugs are now sold in a sturdy ‘Bag for Life’, which is designed to be used either for storing the rug, or as an equestrian gear bag. Some super handy features include a stash pocket on the side, a roll top closure for easy access, and with handy adjustable shoulder straps the bag can even be used as a rucksack.

Featured Image: Horseware Ireland has launched their highly anticipated Eco collection.