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European Trends: Italian show jackets for the sartorially minded equestrian

The Italians have an edge when it comes to style, they know how to master the art of sprezzatura—appearing effortlessly put together and stylishIf you’re looking to infuse a touch of style into your show kit this year, turn your eye to these contemporary Italian designs for further inspiration. Investing in a well-tailored show jacket can make a big difference to your self-esteem, and the more you ride in it, the better quality you’ll want your coat to be. We’ve collated some of the best Italian looks trending right now. Scroll down to see what’s trending on the Italian competition scene right now! 

Makebe Show Jacket  

You need only take a cursory glance at Makebe’s latest collection to know where this brand hails from. Makebe excels in tailoring, specifically competition wear. Defined by an understated aesthetic, which feels particularly relevant now, the Makebe tailcoat is crafted in Italy from lightweight and breathable fabric, making it not just stylish, but also extremely comfortable to wear. Available in blue and black. 

Vestrum Montevideo Competition Jacket 

Vestrum’s retina-burning bright yellow competition jacket leans towards the flashy but is soft enough to guarantee freedom of movement for every body shape. This jacket is a solid option for those who value style and comfort in equal measure.  


Equiline Short Tail Jacket  

There’s just something swish about a short tailcoat. Equiline does not disappoint with the brand’s modern take on traditional tailoring. Made from hi-tech fabric designed to wick moisture away from the skin, this sleek and functional design works hard to keep you comfortable and cool under pressure.  


Miasuki Pandora Coat 

Designed to be the focal point of your look, this bright show jacket has been ergonomically sculpted for a perfect female fit. Delicately quilted on the arm, it features chromed buttons and hand-finished lapels to cover all bases. 


Cavalleria Toscana Military Green Zip Jacket 

In the warmer months a lightweight show jacket is an absolute lifesaver, and Italians (like Australians) know which fabrics to use to beat the heat during summer. This classic-cut jacket by Cavalleria Toscana is made from breathable 4-way stretch fabric that moves with you in the ring, leaving you free to concentrate on your performance instead. Both water repellent and UV resistant, this unique model features a practical front zip closure. 


Animo Lety SS21 Women’s Jacket 

Competitions are chaotic enough without having to lose time putting outfits together, which is why Animo’s functional competition wear has taken Europe by storm. Breathable and washable, this jacket has a double rear vent for comfort in the saddle, two front pockets with concealed zips and the Animo branding on the arm. The collar and buttons are set with tiny Swarovski crystals for a subtle bling factor. If you’re looking for an upscale jacket that can be dressed up or down with ease, this is what you need. 


Tattini Deluxe Show jacket 

Italy has a knack for taking a piece of boring equestrian apparel and making it look classy. This show jacket by Tattini is a great example of how fashion can be fused with function to glorious effect. Integrating seamlessly with the everything else in your competition wardrobe, this jacket is also highly functional and comfortable to wear on the competition circuit. 

Sarm Wanda Show Jacket 

 Wouldn’t it be divine to put on your show jacket right out of the car knowing you’ll look absolutely perfect? Comfort is key in competition, and this Sarm Hippique show jacket made of quick-drying microfiber fabric won’t let you down. Renowned for their hand tailored design and quality, this model is distinctly wearable, machine washable and wrinkle free to beat! 


Jenni Shadbelly Tailcoat 

While for entry level shows, dress code rules may be less stringent, dressage attire should be smart, if not downright classy. The Jenni tailcoat is just that. This sophisticated competition coat is customizable and available in ten different colours.