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Coaching done different

With Ridely, you can learn from our very own eventing legend Andrew Hoy,

Coaching done different

Coaching has been turned on its head. With Ridely PRO you can now learn from the world’s leading equestrians.

Would you like to take part in a Carl Hester dressage challenge? How about preparing for cross country with Andrew Hoy, or improving your confidence and technique with Joe Stockdale and Jack Whitaker? Perhaps you’d like to learn how to approach extended gaits like a Grand Prix pro. No problem, Charlotte Dujardin would be happy to show you how. And you can do all this and a whole lot more with Ridely PRO, the world’s number one equestrian training app.  

Improve your skills 

With their digital equestrian training platform, Ridely provides thousands of riders across the globe with access to world class knowledge, trainers, exercises and a range of features to make your equestrian life more organised, manageable and positive.   

If you’re longing to make leaps forward in your riding skills and technique, a structured and planned approach to training is paramount.  And that’s exactly what you get with Ridely. 

Ridely have hand picked the best training exercises to reach a certain goal. Each  program consists of curated training sessions with selected exercises to help you solve problems and take the next step in your training. 

With Ridely, you can learn from dressage star Carl Hester.
With Ridely, you can learn from dressage star Carl Hester.

Join a training program 

Set yourself up to reach new goals with ease by joining Ridely Pro’s training programs with just a tap on your phone. Ridely offers exclusive training programs with Olympic riders such as Charlotte Dujardin, Meredith Michaels Beerbaum, Andrew Hoy, Yvonne Losos de Muniz, and Ingrid Klimke. 

In the Ridely app, you have the option of joining a community of like-minded riders, and getting help and feedback within safe and supportive communities. All moderated by an educated trainer. 

What you get with Ridely 

  • Learn from 450+ filmed riding exercises for all levels with personalised recommendations, as well as lessons on in-hand work, rider fitness, mind training, yoga and handling your horse and more. 
  • 65+ trainers at your fingertips, including 11 Olympians. 
  • Structured training programs to reach certain goals and solve problems. 
  • Community groups with real professional trainers and experts who will answer your questions. 
  • A training calendar so you can plan and keep track of everything around your horse. Share with a co-rider, trainer, horse owner or friend. 
With Ridely, you can learn from our very own eventing legend Andrew Hoy,
With Ridely, you can learn from our very own eventing legend Andrew Hoy,

Live Share for safety 

Ever felt nervous when riding out alone, in case something should happen? Falling off without anyone knowing your location is definitely a rider’s worst nightmare 

And that’s why the team at Ridely have worked hard to develop Live Share, their app’s newest feature. Now your loved ones can follow your ride using a map on their phone, either in Ridely or in a browser. By using the Ridely app, they are also notified if you should stop moving for five minutes, as well as when your ride has ended. Peace of mind for both you and your loved ones! 

Get your free trial 

Every day, Ridely supports thousands of riders on all levels to get more out of each ride. Hundreds of five star ratings are proof that Ridely subscribers love the app and appreciate the expert support. To find out more, head over to Ridely PRO or simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play. You can either subscribe to Ridely PRO in the app or on their website. Just choose the subscription plan that suits you best and don’t forget, if you buy Ridely PRO in the app, it comes with a seven day free trial so you can try it out for yourself.