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Bridle Trends of 2021 on the Euro Circuit

Not all bridles are created equal. In fact, some are in a league of their own. Combining superb craftsmanship, ergonomic design and a stylish aesthetic, bridles this season are so much more than simple tack components.  These nine bridles are independently selected as our top picks worth the splurge this season. 

Patent nosebands, bling and uncomfortable shapes are out of the door with a premium now placed on simple lines constructed to work with your horse’s head and conformation and keep him relaxed while you ride. 

The trend for anatomic bridles continues to gain traction. Scientifically proven to be better for your horse, these carefully designed bridles promote healthy blood circulation, allow full physiological movement and distribute pressure away from delicate facial nerves.  

As such, it’s no wonder why riders are looking to invest in the most advanced option on the market. So, if you’re looking for a new bridle that’ll provide fashion and more importantly, function for years to come, you can’t go past these avantgarde styles. Unbeatable for their sophisticated designs and exceptional craftsmanship, these brands are all synonymous with prestige and quality.  

Designed to keep your horse comfortable and happy even in the most demanding conditions, these are 9 bridles you will want to invest in this season:

PS Of Sweden Wellington Bridle

With state-of-the-art design and well-established craftsmanship, PS of Sweden is coveted because of its sophisticated style and emphasis on equine well-being. This modern take on the classic hunter bridle has a solid throatlatch with a soft, flat noseband and browband identifiable for its classic look and great detailing. The curved browband and discretely stamped PS logo are plush visually distinctive details that make a difference. The bridle’s softly padded edges have been shaped to leave the horses ears free, and they work in unison with an air-gap over the highest part of the neck to provide unrestricted movement when the horse is working. Elastic Cradles™ do their part too, suspending the bit in the horse’s mouth to relieve any pressure from the poll. 


Pariani Ergonomic Bridle 

Tension creates resentment. And no rider wants that. Pariani’s ergonomic bridle makes a statement while remaining unobtrusive in style and performance. Softly padded with silicone, this ergonomically contoured cavesson wraps softly around the horse’s face without hindering vision or causing discomfort. A specially developed throatlash prevents accidental removal of the bridle without getting in the way.  

Antares PrecisionBridle with Y Shaped Noseband 

Founded twenty years ago in Saintes, Antares Sellier is internationally renowned for their use of premium materials and exclusively French leather.The Precision bridle was developed alongside professional vets and osteopaths to prevent discomfort to the 1st cervical vertebrae, but it is also an excellent option for fashion-forward riders who like to look good.The state-of-the-art ‘Y’ shaped noseband was devised to manage opening of the mouth and movement of the jaw bones, while plush padding prevents pressure across the nose or pinching at the corner of the mouth. 


Issi Russell Bridles

On the edge of a historical Cotswold town in England, award-winning Master Saddler Issi Russell crafts a selection of customized bridles in her exclusive workshop. All IR bridles feature her original shaped headpiece that curves away from the base of the ear, and IR bridles are especially indicated for horses that are sensitive around the poll area or have a specific problem with their ears. Each customized bridle is available with a soft, padded noseband and unique browband for the ultimate in comfort and control of your horse. These bridles are a cult classic in the UK, and have graced the horses of Carl Hester, Zara Phillips, Charlotte Dujardin, Luis Principe, Hayley Watson-Greaves and Cassandra Price.  



Stubben 2500 Freedom MagicTack Bridle 

The aptly named Freedom bridle was constructed to provide unhindered vision and autonomy of movement for the horse’s ears and neck. Thanks to the unique position of the headstall and throat strap, the horse’s sensitive neck and throat zones are kept free from pressure. Need a sparkly browband or a bold dose of colour to stand out from the crowd? The innovative MagicTack Inlay system allows you the freedom to choose a Stubben browband that suityour mood (or color theme) and simply click it in place with magnets.  

Equiline Double Noseband Bridle  

Constructed with premium Italian leather, this classy bridle is functional and fashionable. The design incorporates a padded cavesson and drop noseband that behaves like a grackle bridle and flash, distributing pressure more evenly over the horse’s skull. This makes the bridle particularly suitable for strong or mouthy horses. Both sections of the bridle can be altered separately to achieve a perfect fit. 

Schockemoehle Equitus Zeta Bridle 

Snug and supportive, this bridle was designed for fussy and thin skinned horses that rub easily. Fully lined with premium sheepskin fleece, the Equitus Zeta noseband protects delicate nerve endings and prevents irritation and excessive sweating thanks to wools ability to breath and wick moisture away from the skin. This bridle with its curved cavesson, cushy wide headpiece and soft browband provides optimal comfort and freedom for all horses.  

The Jeffries Gentle Bitless Bridle

The Jeffries Bitless bridle uses generous paddings and a bilateral three ring adjustment system to ensure the bridle is positioned properly on your horse’s head, easing any pressure on delicate areas of his head. The novel hinge browband and noseband fasten snugly around the contours of the horse’s head to keep the bridle stable on the head and the noseband is fitted with a padded strap behind the jaw with rings to attach the reins. 


Rambo Micklem Deluxe Competition Bridle 

A show quality bridle that won’t break the bank is the Rambo Micklem Deluxe Competition bridle. The cavesson has a slightly raised nose and browband and a thicker nosepiece to prevent pressure points on the horse’s delicate face. The Micklem range was created by William Micklem, trainer, breeder and public speaker and the design has received rave reviews by equestrians all over the world. Especially indicated for young or sensitive horses, the bridle is crafted from hand finished leather, so it just looks better with age. The headpiece features fancy stitching and cushioning throughout, and it is sold with tongue protection clips that can be attached to the bit rings to avoid surplus pressure interfering with the horse’s tongue or bars.