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6 Simple Trot Pole Exercises To Build Strength & Conditioning

These exercises are the perfect way for building strength and conditioning in both horse and rider. These trot pole exercise are also a great brain stimulator and make your workout a little different.


Exercise 1

Lay the trot poles flat at approximately 1m distance or as suitable for your horse. Ride these in a rising trot with a slightly longer rein, allowing your horse to stretch over the top line.


Exercise 2

Shorten your reins and ask your horse to sit a little more on the hind end by closing the back and lifting the shoulder with your seat.

Exercise 3

Ride the same in a sitting trot, engaging the core muscles to help stabilise your seat and create further lift.

Exercise 4

Challenge yourself by riding in sit trot with no stirrups.


Exercise 5

Raise the edge of the poles, This encourages the horse to lift the legs higher and sit more on the hind end – this can be done in rising or sitting trot.

Exercise 6

Challenge yourself again by doing the exercise in sit trot with no stirrups.