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Ideal FWB

Carlyn Brennan recently purchased an Ideal FWB dressage saddle for her lovely Arabian Riding Pony and couldn’t be happier. 

I stumbled across the saddle whilst scrolling through social media, explains Carlyn.  I wasn’t even in the market for another saddle since I’ve had five saddles for my mare since she was a two-year-old because she was constantly changing shape. 

Carlyn lives five hours from her nearest major city, so a saddle fitter was never going to be an option. 

I took note of the Ideal and the measurements, says Carlyn, and I was certain it would be a perfect fit for my mare so I decided to take the steps to purchase it. Having a trial period was great, so I was confident that if it wasn’t right for my mare, I could return it. 

Carlyn was impressed with the condition of the saddle when it arrived.  It has beautiful soft leather and looks absolutely brand new, she says. 

It paired with my anatomical girth and numnah, and unlike other saddles, it most importantly doesn’t slip forward at all, which has solved one of our biggest problems! 

Carlyn is very pleased with her and highly recommends her Ideal. This saddle is just perfect for those refined Riding Pony types with broad shoulders and short backs, she says.   

My mare is rising seven and has popped a small wither, so the saddle is a perfect fit for that also.  I’d never heard of an Ideal FWB – only the ever-popular Ramsay so I was keen to give it a try. It was very appealing having the Zipmoney option and the not happy send it back ™ policy. I couldn’t lose, she says. I will absolutely use The Equestrian Hub again when the time comes for another quality product. 



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