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Erreplus Vittoria

Helga Riedemann was shopping around for a saddle when she came across one that really did tick all the boxes

With my previous saddle, I didn’t like the way the knee rolls positioned my legs. So I’d been trying out another brand of saddle from the Saddle Hub, but it wasn’t quite right for me, Helga explains.

Then a friend recommended the Erreplus brand. She owned the Elena and let me try it out. I then trialled the Vittoria saddle and it was perfect it allowed close contact with plenty of room for my legs. I was sold.

More than happy with her purchase, Helga was even more delighted to discover that the saddle was a great fit for more than one horse.

I have a 16 hand warmblood mare with wide shoulders. My previous saddle was too tight for her, and was also hurting my hips. The Erreplus is perfect for us both, she said.

But Helga also schools other horses. With a wealth of dressage experience behind her, she trains horses at Platypus Run Warmbloods in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

I’m currently using the saddle on four horses: two my own and two of my client’s. These horses vary quite considerably in their confirmation, yet the saddle offers a balanced fit. There’s enough shoulder and wither room without losing close contact with the horse, plus I feel comfortable and secure. I’m very happy, Helga says.

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