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Equestrian Hub on Tour: Sydney CDI Inter 11 Warm-Up with Charlie Brister

Our resident expert, Charlie Brister, attended the Sydney CDI on Wednesday and caught up with some of the competitors warming up for the Inter 11.

We are certain his infectious positivity and cheer (along with some likely cheeky instructional remarks) were well received and lightened the mood.

Rosann Tyler and Sandro Bliss show off the correct use of a half halt to halt to rebalance and strike off  a balanced halt to canter. They achieved 9th place in the Inter 11 so a big congratulations to them both.

Below we have Michelle Baker riding Bradgate Park Puccini showing off a canter half pass to slight shoulder fore at the wall in counter canter then a change of lead.They ended up placing 2nd in the Inter 11 which is a fabulous result.

Want more?

Charlie also filmed some beautiful flying changes and canter half pass from Klara Denny and Annabelle Warren riding Timmy Almighty, which we will post as a special feature on Dressage Flying Changes in our VIP area. Becoming a VIP is easy – simply subscribe to our magazine for our premium content, monthly prize draws and more.

Klara Denny and Bello