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Amy “Dolly” Everitt – RIP

Glen Denholm heard the tragic news about young Amy Dolly ™ Everett, a Northern Territory teenager who ended her life after years of relentless online bullying, and felt inspired to raise awareness and not let her death be in vain.

Glen is one of Australia’s best stockwhip makers and although nothing can be done to bring beautiful Dolly back, he wanted to make something beautiful to serve as a reminder of the beautiful life lost and how horrific bullying is.

I’m retired now but I used to be a Police Officer and attended scenes where young teenagers had made this devastating decision to end their lives, explains Glen.

Seeing the image of young Dolly peeking out from under her Akubra hat really struck a chord with me. I didn’t want to sit back and do nothing, so I was inspired to make a whip in her honour.

With people wearing blue in memory of Dolly, I decided to make a gold mounted, 12 strand stockwhip dyed blue, her favourite colour, so that she’s never forgotten. The cap at the bottom of the whip is engraved with speak even if your voice shakes ™ and a beautiful blue Opal h

as been set into the bottom of it.

My aim is for this whip to be used as a perpetual trophy and while the details haven’t been ironed out yet, I want it to serve as a reminder of Dolly in schools and how we must be kind to each other and never forget that our words have the power to lift someone up or bring them down.

With the trophy whip receiving so much attention, Glen is now making another that will be auctioned off at the upcoming Royal Easter Show in Sydney. The money raised will be donated to Dolly’s Dream Foundation which has been established in Dolly’s memory to provide support to other charity groups to make the world a better place.

If you would like to know more about Glen’s Dolly ™ whips, visit Dolly’s Dream Facebook page for details. If you, or anyone you know needs support, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14, Kids helpline on 1800 55 1800 or visit Lifeline.org.au.

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