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HorseVibes March/April 2021


It was around this time 12 months ago that the world was struck down by the dreaded pandemic – and what a journey for everyone, ourselves included.

But the COVID-induced lull gave us time to explore some exciting new options for you, our much loved readers. Firstly, HorseVibes is even more jam packed with the info, tips and inspiration you need to make your equestrian life more successful and fulfilling.

Secondly, for all our annual print and digital subscribers, we now have a VIP area that will blow your prettily patterned socks off! (Need a new pair? We have a sensational range available at the Equestrian Hub shop.)

Our VIP area is where you’ll find, among other things, some super products at very special VIP prices. Plus, we have many more exciting benefits coming – so definitely watch this space. You’ll also notice that HorseVibes and the The Saddle Hub are now stable mates on the Equestrian Hub website, so everything you need is right there at your fingertips.

In this issue, our editor Amanda Mac has, as always, assembled a collection of amazing people and stories. We shine our spotlight on Amanda Ross, a totally inspiring equestrian on every level. Our Amanda also speaks to Liz Lewis about the majestic Clydesdale.

Charlie Brister has an in-depth discussion with my rather tall pony about the correct way to behave when being bridled.  And if you’re an annual subscriber, you’ll find video footage on this hot topic in the VIP area. Charlie also manages to chat to Terry Snow of Willinga Park fame, and asks him 20 pertinent questions

Working Equitation is rapidly growing in popularity and Linda Shore shares some top tips on what we need to do to improve our skills and get the most out of this exciting discipline.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become one of the best at what you do? Jamie Hocking, one of our 2020 Delivering Dreams Scholarship recipients, has shown amazing determination and commitment to achieve what he has – and in this issue he opens up a little and shares some tales about his journey to the top.

Dr. Doug, our resident vet, takes on Enteroliths and explains some of the how, the what, and the why you need to know about them. Christine Armishaw learns just how many hats a Chef d’Equipe must wear, before getting down to the basics of stable flooring: what’s best for your horses health and comfort as well as your wallet. And if you’re confused about which bridle to buy, she then delves deep into this very topic in our equipment article.

Nutrionist Larissa Bilston gives us the low down on feeding weanlings. Weaning can be a stressful time for foals, but careful planning can make it much easier for both mum and bub.

Missing going on holiday? Sonia Caeiro Alvarez reckons you should be doing your research now so that when travel bans are lifted, you’re good to go – and in this issue she explores horseback riding on New Zealand’s North Island.

Paul Symes talks to Samantha Cesnik and Chris Height about Racing Victoria’s exciting Life After Racing options, and our featured breed is the Labrador of the horse world, the rather gorgeous Icelandic Horse, reputed to have the smoothest trot of them all.

It’s no secret that I love jumping, so I’m delighted that Michael Archer has climbed onto the Tackbox to give the heads up on the need for volunteers and the value they add to the sport.

As ANZAC Day is approaching, our Perfect Partner feature looks at the Australian Light Horse regiments, their Waler partners and the historic battle for Beersheba.

And of course there is so much more: so as usual, pour your favourite tipple, relax and enjoy the March/April edition of HorseVibes.

It was around this time 12 months ago that the world was struck down by the dreaded pandemic – and…

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