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Equestrian Hub Magazine November/December 2021


Welcome to the Christmas issue – and what a year it’s been! COVID has forced lockdowns, events have been cancelled, the Olympics had no crowds, the great vaccine debate raged, and, of course, we ceased to be HorseVibes and became Equestrian Hub Magazine.

In this issue we name the Round One winner of Delivering Dreams 2021, and we also reveal the Readers’ Choice. Thank you everyone who voted and thank you Performa Ride for the shopping spree. Don’t forget Round Two closes on the 31st December, so get your applications in.

Wondering if you have what it takes to reach the top? Read Louise Curran’s story – she’s inspiring, amusing, and an incredible equestrian.

Charlie Brister tackles eventing fitness, and suggests a program to put variety into your training while building fitness for both you and your horse. In Vet Vibes, Dr Doug discusses mycotoxins. Found in numerous foods, they can cause a variety of health issues from brain damage to breeding problems. Don’t have your favourite tipple before reading this one, it requires a bit of concentration.

With summer approaching, Leisa Hofstetter explains how to check for dehydration and more importantly, how to keep our horses hydrated. Enya Crockford chats to Amalia Dempsey about the power of relationship with your horse, and the strategies that help to create a positive partnership.

Jess Morton talks new technology and in this issue looks at rugs made from PET bottles! Thank you, Horseware Ireland, for being green. And with the world slowly opening up again, is a horseback holiday on your To Do list? If so, don’t miss Jess’s interview with a couple who recently trekked through Kyrgyzstan.

Toni Horsley explores the field of alternative equestrian therapies, and Shae Herwig, the amazing manager of our much loved Saddle Hub, tells us about her Paralympic grooming adventure with Victoria Davies and Celere. Something not revealed in Shae’s article is that she’s eagerly awaiting the arrival of her own Celere baby. I hope it’s a buckskin.

In Life After Racing we meet Ollie, a retired Standy enjoying a stellar career as a Pony Club mount with new best friend Sami. Suzy Jarrett brings us up to date with the wonderful and versatile Cleveland Bay. This breed, sadly now endangered, contributed to the development of another of my faves, the Oldenburg.

Everyone who knows me also knows I am very partial to a chestnut mare (think both my first and last horses), so I was pleased to see Brett Parbery climbing onto the tackbox to help dispel the chestnut mare myth and a few more besides.

Our young rider, Amy Gotts-Wheeler is interviewed by Claudia Brodtke, a previous Delivering Dreams finalist. Amy is an eventer from Victoria and was named as a Top 10 finalist for Equestrian Victoria’s 2021 Young Ambassador of the Year.

Seasoned show jumper Clem Smith offers up some excellent training tips, and our Perfect Partners are Alanna Richards and her gorgeous Warmblood France. Charlie asks 20 questions of show jumper James Arkins, and for some super Christmas gift ideas, be sure to turn to our guide.

From everyone here at EH HQ, we wish you all a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family, friends and fur babies. Thank you for your support and feedback during what has been a massively transformational year for us. We have some amazing things planned for 2022, and we look forward to keeping you informed and inspired.

But in the meantime, stay safe, have fun, pour your favourite tipple, relax and enjoy. I will be sending a toast of gratitude your way on the 25th, and we’ll see you all in the New Year.

Welcome to the Christmas issue – and what a year it’s been! COVID has forced lockdowns, events have been cancelled,…

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