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Equestrian Hub Magazine Issue 1, 2022


Welcome to a new year, a new beginning and a host of new opportunities.

Launching 2022 on the right foot, Amanda Mac speaks to Olympic eventer Kevin McNab about his philosophy on life, luck, and being successful in one of the equestrian world’s most demanding disciplines.

Also on eventing, Wayne Copping explains the changes to frangibles, why they were necessary, and his thoughts on those 11 point penalties, while Enya Crockford talks to 5* eventer Sarah Clark about the value of teaching your horse to think for itself, yet still listen to you.

Did you know the suicide rate amongst Australian vets is one of the highest in the world? We talk to AVA President Dr Warwick Vale about this alarming statistic. Be nice to your vet, they do an amazing job in often challenging circumstances.

Jessica Morton keeps us updated with the latest in European trends. In this issue she looks at the concept of social stabling and the approach being taken by a state-of-the-art German Warmblood stud.

Starting your young horse over jumps? Charlie Brister has some great advice on getting their show jumping career off on the right hoof, and The Bit Bank’s Charmae Bell expertly answers the bit fitting questions she’s most frequently asked.

Kathryn Sullivan-Butt, aka The Saddlefitter, explores the challenging and confusing world of girths: what shape do I need, where should the buckles sit, what material is most suitable? Kathryn reveals all!

And what’s that special charisma police horses have? Christine Armishaw caught up with Sergeant Sarah Maxwell to talk about NSW’s Mounted Police troop horses – how they’re selected and how they’re trained.

Feeding horses a balanced diet is not, as you might think, rocket science. Equine nutritionist Larissa Bilston offers a simple four-step approach to ensuring your horse has all the protein, roughage, energy, vitamins and minerals it needs to perform and look its best. Also on the subject of health, David Nash discusses water quality and its role in determining your horse’s intake and well-being.

In the Australian climate we need to be particularly alert to the possibility of our horses overheating. While most regulate their body temperature through sweating, around five per cent of horses suffer from anhidrosis and are unable to sweat. Dr Doug, our resident vet, looks at the symptoms and management of this unusual condition.

I love breeding season and all those photos and video clips of gorgeous foals – with their whiskers, fluffy ears and quirky behaviour – that flood my newsfeed. But foaling down is not without its dramas, and Heather Ip of Cooramin Sporthorses relives the tense moments surrounding the red bag delivery of a rather special foal.

In the last of our breed articles, it’s only fitting that we feature Australia’s very own Warlander. Suzy Jarrett explores the evolution of this stunning horse, before chatting with our Young Rider, Charlee Dobbin.

There are now many wonderful programs to support horses on the journey from their racing career into a new life. One of those initiatives is the Tropical North Showjumping Club’s OTT Spectacular, an exciting showcase for the talents of our off the track friends. Meanwhile, Jade Willis gives us the heads up on retraining OTT Thoroughbreds, and after transitioning and rehoming over 160 in 2021 alone, we feel she’s eminently qualified to give us the odd tip or two.

Equine dentists Dr Kirsten Jackson climbs onto the tackbox to debate the virtues of power versus manual tools, top jockey Kathy O’Hara answers 20 questions, we introduce Property Central and review the KN Ouvertüre Victoria dressage saddle.

So as usual, pour your favourite tipple, relax and enjoy.

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Welcome to a new year, a new beginning and a host of new opportunities. Launching 2022 on the right foot,…

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