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Like our clothes and shoes, your horse will eventually grow out of their saddle and their shoes, becoming too big for those items. A horse that is too big for their saddle is a cranky horse, and the best way to soothe their frustration is with a new, suitable saddle. Many other horse enthusiasts are selling their Wintec saddles online through our site. Whether you like to ride with a Western, show, or jumping saddle, we will have a place for it on our website.

Equestrian Hub is more than just a storefront for horse enthusiasts to get some value out of their un-used gear. In addition to hosting gently used Wintec saddles online, we also provide horse enthusiasts with our totally free HubVibes E-Zine, an online document that clues our readers into the accomplishments and progress of our favourite hobby.

Our consignment process is painless and fair; we want our sellers to have happy experiences just like our buying customers. After shipping it to us based on our shipping tips, we will take high-quality studio photographs of your product, showing off its full beauty to our prospective customers. After a customer orders your broken-in Wintec saddles online, it will be up to them to take it on a trial run either at home or at our headquarters, in which they will make a final decision on the saddle’s suitability to your horse. Rest assured that, if the saddle isn’t the right fit for your horse, you can return it and choose another.

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  • Wintec Pro stock saddle 16″ fully mounted

    $1,350.00 $1,100.00
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  • Wintec 500 17″ Fully mounted

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  • Wintec 500 17″

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Showing all 3 results