Treat Your Beloved Horse to One of Our Second-Hand Antares Saddles for Sale

It may sound a little dramatic, but: our horses are our lives. Horse owners are a special breed of people, and those of us who love riding and being on horseback tend to fall madly in love with their gorgeous animals. Don’t your horses deserve the best, most comfortable saddles that money can buy? If that is the way that you feel, then continue to check out Equestrian Hub’s website where we have Trainer’s, Wintec, and Antares saddles for sale.

No matter your style of riding, Equestrian Hub can help you to break into a horse-riding community and find a deal that strikes your fancy. Whether you prefer Western style, dressage, or jumping saddles, we have got you covered. At our Saddle Hub, our customers can find Antares saddles for sale at just a fraction of the price. We have a top-shelf, less expensive, and a clearance section, each of them packed with enough saddles to satisfy your need for the perfect saddle.

A new saddle is a substantial investment, which is why we have implemented a helpful trial process, in which you get to try the saddle on your horse before making a final decision on the new saddle. Many of our Antares saddles for sale may be too small or too big for your horse, so we allow you to bring your horse to our headquarters or ship the saddle to your home for a trial run. If it is not the perfect fit for the horse in your home, you can send it back for a refund.

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  • Antares Jump 17″

    $3,995.00 $3,800.00
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