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Our September Issue Has Arrived

Before we dive into the September edition, please note that entries for the inaugural Delivering Dreams Scholarship close on 15th September. So if you haven’t already forwarded your application, don’t dally. Follow this link to our scholarship information page to learn more.

This month’s issue includes:

  • Renowned breeder Ulli Klatte gives us some sage advice on breeding and raising foals.
  • Larissa Bilston offers some excellent advice on feeding mares with foals at foot.
  • Helen Chugg covers the appropriate handling of foals in this month’s Training Tips.
  • We feature the small but mighty Falabella, who we’ve featured on our stunning front cover.
  • Columnist Charlie Brister teaches the art of opening and closing a gate without having to dismount. 
  • Our Hero Sally Francis was recently awarded a well-deserved OAM for her support of riders with a disability.
  • Candida Baker explores the interactions of a family of horses and the exceptionally strong connections that they share in the Horse Listener.
  • Dannii Cunnane helps us through the what, why and when of bit selection.
  • Read the story about Clemmie Wotherspoon – from the depths of despair, to studying Equine Assisted Learning and trekking across Australia…
  • There’s plenty more to read about, including John Wayne’s favourite horse and the healing power of hemp.

Enjoy our regular HorseVibes features every month, including columnist Charlie Brister; My Tackbox, Training Tips; Young Rider, our saddle review; monthly horoscopes and more.

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