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Know Your Saddle: Equipe Saddles

Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and manufacturing excellence are the characteristics of the Italian brand Selleria Equipe. Designed to ensure that the rider’s weight gets evenly distributed on the horse, Equipe Saddles have lead the way in saddle technology and design for 20 years.

This magnificent range of saddles incorporates these advances with traditional craft and luxurious French and Italian hides to give you and your horse a riding experience like no other. The panels are made from a foam/latex and the leather is high quality Italian leather. Each saddle is manufactured and turned out at the Selleria Equipe premises and made to satisfy the demands of both the rider and the horse in each equestrian discipline.

Platinum Range

The Platinum range is built around our wood-sprung tree. All trees are strained in house to exact measurements enabling the perfect fit between horse and rider. The slightly wider twist gives maximum comfort and performance and the premium leather results in a quality end product suitable for riders of all levels.
In Stock: Equipe Oracle – A V-shaped seat profile centers the rider in the saddle. Good for horses with a long wither and more shape to their back.

Emporio Range

Designed with versatility and economy in mind, this range of saddles built on our composite tree will meet the needs of any horse and rider. Smart manufacturing techniques produce a range of saddles at entry level pricing without compromising on performance and feel.

In Stock: Equipe Emporio – A versatile fit with a U-shaped seat for rider space. Good for horses with average withers and back shape.

E-Carbon Range

The E-Carbon range is built around our unique carbon/composite fiber tree. The tree materials  produce a customizable, lightweight yet durable tree with unique shock absorbing properties. These features combined with a narrow twist give the ultimate close contact connection between horse and rider. Only the highest quality leather and finishing completes the E-Carbon experience.

In Stock: Equipe Viktoria – A versatile fit with a V-shaped seat profile centers the rider in the saddle. Good for horses with average withers and back shape.

Theorome Range

Built around our synthetic tree, the Theoreme range of saddles optimizes rider position with a narrow twist and close contact feel, adapting its self perfectly to the structure of the horse. Customizable to meet the exacting needs of both horse and rider.
In Stock: Equipe Olympia – A U-shaped seat gives the rider more space to sit. Good for horses with shorter wither and average back shape.

Feature Image: Equipe Show Room Italy – https://www.selleriaequipe.it/en/equipe-world/profile/