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Horse Health

A beautiful horse is a healthy horse, so give them the best.

Banana Feeds Equine Gut Healthy, B-Complete aids the stability in the gut, which promotes immune competence allowing horses to counter bacterial, fungal, viral, or parasitic. From $80

Kohnke’s Own, FABBY helps optimise hindgut health. From $70

Kohnke’s Own, Redi-Flex® provides high potency joint active nutrients to help protect, maintain and repair joint cartilage structures. From $99.50

Magnesium 4Horses, Magnesium ensures strong bones and aids recovery from stress. 9kg bucket for $154

Hi Form, Oxydane is a daily nutritional support and recovery assistance for high-performance horses. From $98.79

KER, Nano-E® uses advanced nanotechnology to create a rapidly available and absorbed source of vitamin E. 450 ml for $114.95  KER, RESERVE aids in reducing muscle damage in working horses. From $49.95

Hi Form, roflamAid Plus assists in maintaining healthy cartilage, muscles, tendons and bone. From $160.60

NRG, Stockgain is loaded with vitamins, micro and macro minerals, and salts to provide a dose of quality nutrition. From $26.50