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Equestrian Hub Boutique: Hoof & Leg Care

These products are sure to make caring for your horse’s hooves and legs a priority.

Ice N Easy Equine Double – Engineered to provide cold therapy to the entire joint (front and back) for the hock, fetlock, knee and cannon, to relieve pain and inflammation from high end injuries and post surgery recovery. Just add ice. | $90.00


Woof Wear – Pro Overreach boot 7 colours available | $69.95

KER Bio-Bloom HF – Dual-action supplement designed to improve skin and coat condition, and promote healthy hoof growth from the inside out | from $79.95


McDowellsGreasy Heel Ointment 200g, this powerful, topical salve contains herbs that act as a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal barrier | $60.95

McDowells – Hoof Heal, available in 2 sizes | from $57.95

Scoot Boots – Scoot Boots flex with the horse’s movement and do not impede its action in any way, allowing the horse to move freely and naturally. The open toe design eliminates pressure and the sole design emulates a barefoot sole giving the horse optimum traction over all types of terrain. The ground parallel side vents allow ventilation and avoid bacteria build-up. | $282


POTTIE’S ISOGEL – A cooling agent designed to aid in the relief of muscle, joint and tendon soreness in horses and dogs | from $23.95


Horse In The Box – Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Training Wraps, pliable and flexible breathable horse support boots, allows the horse to move freely, while still benefiting from effective support | $149.95