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Behind the Shot: Jeremy Janjic

Rider: Kevin McNab (Aus) Horse: Scuderia 1918 Don Quidam Event: 2022 FEI World Eventing Championships Location: Pratoni, Rome, Italy
Canon 7D

One of Australia’s top equestrian photographers, MICHELLE TERLATO travels the world capturing equestrian athletes in action. Each month she shares one of her favorite shots. 

Behind the shot 

Rider: Jeremy Janjic 

Horse: Django of Cacharel 

Event: Equitana 2016 

Location: Melbourne, Australia 

Camera Type/Settings: Canon EOS7D 70-200mm Lens ISO 1000 f 2.8 1/800 sec 


This image of Jeremy and Django was taken early in my career and looking back on it, I think I would have changed a few things. The main arena at Equitana did not have great lighting for fast action photography, and combined with a black horse this was not an easy shot to capture. However, the photo was taken at a walk at the end of their dressage test as they were farewelling the crowd. Fortunately, the pace was slow, allowing my inexperience to be overlooked, but if I re-shot it now I would have a much faster shutter speed and a higher ISO to account for the light and movement.  

Why this shot is special:  

I still find it hard to look at this photo, made all the more special as Django recently passed away at the age of 23, without getting a lump in my throat. Jeremy and Django’s wonderful partnership had finally come to an end. Django was retiring and he performed his Grand Prix dressage test, his ‘last dance’, to an appreciative crowd. Many there had tears in their eyes, and it’s obvious Jeremy is fighting back tears of his own while absorbing every moment of this special occasion.  

I think the final say should go to Django’s owner Lynn Jenkin: “I love this photo. Jeremy fighting back (and losing) the tears. Django walking along on the snaffle like he always did. Such a joy of a horse;” and to Jeremy: “We chose to retire you at the 2016 Equitana Grand Final as you had done so much and earned a nice retirement. It was a very special send off. I still cry to this day thinking of that week.”  

What a memory to capture! 

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