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Behind the Shot: Guy McLean 

Behind the Shot Guy McLean, 2023 Maleny Agricultural Show
Behind the Shot Guy McLean, 2023 Maleny Agricultural Show
Behind the Shot Guy McLean, 2023 Maleny Agricultural Show

One of Australia’s top equestrian photographers, MICHELLE TERLATO travels the world capturing equestrian athletes in action. Each month she shares one of her favorite shots. 

Behind the shot 

Rider: Guy McLean 

Event: 2023 Maleny Agricultural Show 

Location: Maleny, Queensland 

Camera Type/Settings: Canon EOS 1DX Mark II 70-200mm lens ISO 200 f4.5 1/640 sec 


This was my first time at Maleny Show and I was not sure exactly where Guy’s display would be. It ended up being right beside the ring where I was, in a small area in front of the show jumps. I am a big fan of Guy’s but had not seen his show for a few years so I wasn’t exactly sure what he would be doing or where he would do it. However being the professional showman he is, he played to the crowd and took his horses around to all angles for everyone to see. Then, because the action was so close, it was just a matter of trying to fit all four horses into the composition.  

The day was bright but the sky was stormy and dramatic. The subjects were so close only the 70-200mm lens was required. This image I particularly liked as the horses are all cantering in time with one another, their heads are all at the same height and their ears all tuned in to Guy’s every word. With a bay, chestnut, palomino and black there was almost one from every colour range too! 

Why this shot is special:  

If you have every witnessed one of Guy’s displays you will know why it is special. He and his horses are simply magical to watch. He has such an obvious connection with them and they are never in fear of him. They are soft and in tune with Guy and he with them. I first witnessed him win The Way of the Horse competition at Equitana many years ago, and he had a certain manner about him then. Now, despite his fame, his work and travel in the USA, and his skills, he is still a down-to-earth, natural horseman and a proud Australian –  and I love to photograph him 

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