Website Design

Website Design – your digital front door

Having a great website is not a just “good-to-have” but a “must-have”. Your website is often the client’s first impression of your business. Think of it as your digital front door. If you want to portray your business in a positive and professional light, then it is vital to have a clean porch with an inviting entrance and easy-to-find door bell. 

What makes a website inviting are elements such as a user-friendly layout and menu, easy-to read copy and product descriptions, attractive images, a search function, easy-to-find contact details, success stories or client testimonials, a blog and most importantly, a mobile-friendly responsive design.

Today’s consumers are known for their short attention span. If your website does not meet any of the above elements or is loading too slow, you have likely lost a potential customer forever. Contact the EH Marketing Team for a quote on a new business website, e-commerce shop or a simple landing page.  

Our 10 rules for designing your new equestrian business website: 

  • Each element of your website is where you expect to find it – for example your logo should be at the top of the page.
  • The content offers genuine benefit to visitors to your site – such as a blog post about a current topic your audience can relate to.
  • It is is Google-friendly and SEO optimised. 
  • It is responsive – most visitors are likely to access your website from their smartphone or tablet.
  • Design is contemporary and modern. 
  • It helps visitors understand what your business is all about, and develop a deeper appreciation for what it can offer them. 
  • Great design is matched by great content. 
  • Your website loads quickly and smoothly. 
  • Typography, layout and colours are consistent throughout the entire website and complement your branding. 
  • Less is more. Design and layout should be intuitive and clutter-free. 

Construction of your website

We use some of the best and most powerful website builders, e-commerce platforms and content management systems (CMS) in the market. Commonly used around the world and with new and exciting developments and updates released regularly, website templates offer a very cost-effective and versatile solution for:

  • Blogs
  • E-commerce / Online Shops
  • Business pages
  • Landing pages
  • Photography
  • Membership Portals

 But whether we choose to design your website with WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify or Bigcommerce, you can be rest assured that we have done our research to find the platform best suited to your needs.

Ongoing management

Don’t feel tech-savvy enough to update your new website or online with news, new products or fresh imagery? Not a problem, we are happy to provide ongoing assistance with: 

  • Housekeeping” – keeping templates and site assets like widgets and plugins up to date and optimising new page content
  • New content writing for your regular blog and development of inbound marketing strategies
  • Advisory service and problem-solving
  • Uploading new stock and imagery
  • Design of new banners and imagery
  • And much more

Promoting your site and business

Now that you have a beautiful new website, how do you let your audience know about it? Driving traffic to your website in a must and Equestrian Hub Marketing can assist you with the following:

  • Integration of social media platforms and consistent branding
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for copy and images to improve your Google ranking and obtaining greater “organic” reach
  • Advertising campaigns across a range of platforms, designed around your objectives
  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Content and copy writing