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The Saddle Hub

Sell Your Saddle

The role of The Saddle Hub is to make the process of selling your saddle as effortless as possible.

Why Sell With Us?

  • As a seller you are guaranteed that money for a sale will be paid to you. No funny business or run around’s!
  • We are a trusted business, taking professional studio photographs of the actual saddles for sale. Buyers are assured the saddles they are paying for are what they receive.
  • We understand that you want to achieve the best price for your saddle, and so do we. In offering a superior service to sell your saddle we usually achieve higher than market price.
  • Our pricing is listed on our sellers form in a simple to follow structure. There are not hidden fees or surprises.
  • We arrange for your saddle to be shipped to us. All you have to do is worry about packing it!
  • We offer multiple payment options to buyers allowing more financial freedom to make a purchase, otherwise not possible on the private market with cash.
  • You have access to our large buyer network and strong market presence, helping you sell your saddle sooner. We have over 7,500 visitors to our website per month, a growing social following of 4,500 and multiple advertising channels meaning your saddle will be seen.
  • We save you time and handle all questions and enquiries from potential purchasers. No more strangers visiting your home or stables, no more tyre kickers.
  • Our reputation is strong and people trust buying from us.
  • Our sales and marketing team work hard to get your saddle sold.

How We Help YOU

  • We have quality images taken of your saddle to present it to market professionally.
  • We measure and list the saddle accurately with all the information required – no accidental errors on listings and being asked for refunds
  • No more haggling, time wasters or tyre kickers. We handle all enquiries.
  • Our 14 day trial is insured and protects your saddle from damage. Buyers get confidence to find the right saddle and you don’t have to worry about the risk.
  • Your saddle is insured while in our care and while in transit
  • We know where to list to find buyers saving you time and money
  • Guaranteed payment. No paypal claims or promises to pay that never happen.

We predominately sell saddles on consignment, whilst this process is not instant, we do endeavour to turn all saddles over within a 3 month period.  We deal with the stuff you don’t want to: the advertising, the shonky emails, the insulting offers and time wasters.

If you choose to sell through The Saddle Hub we make the process from start to finish simple, seamless and hassle free where you can choose the level of service you would like from us. We remove the risk for buyers and sellers which offers the ultimate platform for pre-loved saddle transactions leaving everyone happy.

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