Need a Second-Hand Dressage Saddle? Find Dressage Saddles for Sale Online

Dressage is simply the most elegant and sophisticated equestrian sport there is, which is why participants are extremely serious about the conditions in which they practice. Because success in dressage comes down to subtlety and refinement, every variable is of considerable importance—riders need to make sure that their horses are in comfortable conditions, that they practice in safe environments, and—perhaps most of all—that they use high quality equipment. One of the most important pieces of equipment for any rider is the saddle. Since dressage horses are required to wear less tack than horses in other equestrian sports, the saddle plays an even more important role in dressage than usual.

While riders at lower levels of competition may find it appropriate to use any English-style saddle, you must use specific dressage saddles in any FEI class competition. This requirement makes investing in a dressage saddle a must for serious equestrians. A dressage saddle distinguishes itself from other English-style saddles by its saddle flaps, which are straight and long to mirror the rider’s leg. Reduced girth and longer billets also set dressage saddles apart, which lessens the amount of hardware beneath the legs of the rider and allows for smoother handling of the horse—assuming the rider is appropriately skilled.

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Shopping for Dressage Saddles Online

When you use Equestrian Hub, you’ll gain access to a low-pressure environment where you’re free to look for what you really want. Using an online marketplace for second hand products creates a much more inclusive and communal experience than visiting an equipment dealer or speciality store, and Fiona is adamant about helping all her clients find satisfaction by connecting them with valuable buying and selling opportunities. Equestrian Hub also oversees a magazine that connects members of the equestrian community with information on events and listings. This service makes it a one-stop-shop for riders of all kinds.

Try Before You Buy

If you’re in the area, stop by the Equestrian Hub showroom in Fernleigh and have a look at the saddles on display. You can even bring your horse to try them on for size, so that you can get an idea of how each saddle will suit your riding needs. When you want to ensure a quality shopping experience for dressage saddles, contact us online and let us introduce you to a world of top quality tack.