What is the Best Medium for Promoting Your Products?

Promoting Your Equestrian Product:
8 Avenues You Should Try Today

There’s no one medium that works for every product, like placing one advertisement and hoping for the best.Are you launching a new equestrian product or wanting to increase your marketing for an existing one? While it would be nice if there were a simple, guaranteed way to promote your product, unfortunately, it takes more work than that, along with some trial and error.

Instead, you need to take a look at your product, your market, your location, and your budget and tailor your promotion to fit those elements. Here are eight marketing methods other equestrian retailers have found successful. Don’t just try one; use a combination of them, and you’re bound to find the best blend that works for you.

Social Media

Social media promotion is free and can be highly effective. Think beyond simply buying Facebook ads or Tweeting blindly into the void:

  • Try joining scheduled Twitter hashtag (#) chats like #equestrianhub or start your own.
  • Host a live Facebook video Q&A session.
  • Start a Youtube channel and post educational, value-added videos and demos.
  • Try Pinterest, which has a better search function than Instagram, if your product is particularly photogenic.

Editorial Coverage

From local newspapers to international magazines, editorial coverage is coveted free press, wherein your product is promoted organically within the less sales-y context of an article. To get editorial coverage, you need to develop relationships with publications (editors) and submit announcements via appropriate press release. channels

Traditional Advertising

Of course, you can also purchase advertising from traditional print publications. This works well at either end of the advertising spectrum: when you have a large percentage of local buyers or an international market likely to read the most prestigious publications. It can be tricky to target readers in between.

Online Advertising

Online ads have replaced a lot of print advertising lately. Again, depending on your criteria, you need to decide where to get the most return on your investment. Look at placing banner ads on popular equestrian websites with high readership and large chat forum participation. Don’t forget about online directories that list multiple vendors in your product category.


One of the best ways to get customers for your equestrian product is to let potential users see it in action. Can you offer to sponsor an elite rider in return for their endorsement?

Additionally, there are numerous ways to sponsor a show near you or a local riding club:

  • Donate your product to a raffle or fundraising event.
  • Become a paid sponsor in exchange for ads in the show ring, on their website, or in their programs.
  • Offer to do a lunch-and-learn demo at a show between competition slots or on a busy weekend riding day at the club stables.
  • Pay for a vendor booth at a show to catch spectators whilst they’re inspired.

Conventions and Meetings

Horse conventions and larger gatherings (think major races) are another place where paying for a booth can be well worth it. Be sure to have an attractive presentation, announce your participation to interested parties in advance, and have some small giveaway items, so people remember your product. Don’t forget about meetings for veterinariansand other equine health professionals!

Local Retailers

Do you have feed and tack shops near you? Local business sales can be great because you can get quick feedback from clients, and they usually feel more supportive of local vendors. If your product isn’t right for the store inventory, could you still post signs or leave cards at the checkout counter? Can you do a product demo there for customers, which also gets people in the store for them?

Blogging and Websites

Finally, don’t rule out blogging and traffic from your own website to generate sales. Think about asking an authority in the industry to write a guest blog for you, and they’ll bring their audience to your site. Once you have captive readers, be sure to have an email capture bar to get their email addresses. The best way to generate an email list you can use for further promotion is to offer an instant download in return, like a white paper, short ebook, printable, or other educational freebie.