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Hennig MFT 17.5″


The Multi-function tree (MFT) is the only saddletree worldwide with free moving points. The inwards lying head iron will be led outside on both sides on height of the panels.
The MFT’s points are seperated fom the iron on both sides and can therefore move freely according to the horse’s movements. The now inwards lying point is flexible and optionally adjustable stored at the head iron on a shock-absorbing rubber-membrane.

The free stored points work similar to the independent wheel suspension of a car, they are able to adjust independent from each other to the antidromic muscle work of the horse. For the first time this allows the saddle to follow the horses movements permanently. Because of the flexible membrane the points are able to adapt themselves to each movement axis.

When the horse’s shoulder moves forward the muscle gains more volume. This is the first time that a saddle tree allows this because the point opens. When the shoulder moves backwards the lower third of the muscle grows bigger and again the point adapts himself to this. Therefore this is the first time that the free forward and backward gliding of the shoulder (and the osteochondral layer of the shoulder blade) is possible.

The flexible point allows a smooth adaption to the shoulder muscles of the horse. Now it allows the free development in contrast to conventional saddle trees where it is restricted at certain points. In motion a free forward move of the shoulder always interacts with a free backward move.

The seat has added memory foam to ensure rider comfort and if this isn’t enough- there is BLING around the cantle

Size stamped: No Stamp
Size measured: 17.5″
– Measured: MW
– Stamped: No Stamp
-front: 13.5cm
-middle: 7cm
-rear: 9cm
Flap length:
-from top of stirrup bar: 41cm
– from top of flap: 39cm
Flap width: 31cm
Colour: Black
Panel fill: Flock
Panel length: 49cm
Adjustable: By a saddler
Condition of points: Good
Marks, damages or wear: Leg and Stirrup Wear, small amount of damage on cantle
Accessories: Hennig Saddle Cover
Made for a rider with long legs



SKU: TSH-LMC-hen-1303

Out of stock

Out of stock

About the Brand


Est. 1986, Hennig saddlery targets the needs of both the horse and the rider by creating a handmade saddle individual to you and your horse. Riding in a Hennig saddle will allow the horse's back muscles to remain supple and relaxed whilst still keeping an even weight distribution for the rider. By achieving this goal the horse and rider will be able to work together in perfect harmony.

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