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Equestrian Hub Magazine July/August 2021


Can you believe it!  We are officially on the downhill slide to Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who applied for the Delivering Dreams Scholarship. We have been overwhelmed with applicants from all age groups, all states, and many disciplines. Chasing your dreams, however big or small, and being the best you can be is what it’s all about.  Applications for the new round (which is now open and will be even bigger than this one) will close on the 31st December.

But without further ado, welcome to another inspirational, info-rich issue of Equestrian Hub Magazine. Dan Steers of Double Dan fame is under the spotlight – and if you’ve ever dreamed of reaching the highest levels in your discipline, but question your ability, this story is a must read. It’s a great reminder that every equestrian starts at the beginning and gets to the top along a tough and winding road.

Charlie Brister brings us Part 2 of the Flying Change series, this time aimed at the show jumpers in the audience. He also asks 20 Questions of the amazing Rozzie Ryan.

Following Charlie, we introduce a new column ‘Ask an Expert’, and to get the show on the road we invited the always impressive Jess Stones to share some of her tried and true strategies for show ring success.

Amanda Mac talks jousting with world champion Phillip Leitch and discovers what it takes to reach the top. She also finds out how heavy those suits of armour really are!

In Vet Vibes Dr Doug takes on Rain Scald, such a horrid but very common condition to have to deal with. Who hasn’t tried to cure a case of Greasy Heel? Our resident veterinary expert explains the causes and offers some great advice on treatment.

Do you get nervous when you compete? Jade Findlay sheds light on her coping strategies, plus some of her top training insights. And in a world where we are becoming more and more aware that thoughts are things, Enya Crockford reminds us that what goes on in our minds affects how we ride our horses.

David Shoobridge brings us a bumper Handling the Equine Athlete Part Two. And David, from all your friends at Equestrian Hub, our condolences on the sad announcement of 00 Seven’s passing. Your amazing relationship with him is embodied in the spirit of this article.

In the second part of Christine Armishaw’s colour genetics series she again talks to Dr Kao Castle about genetics and how some of those fancy colours come about. Naturally, my fave is Champagne! But seriously, just wait until you learn about melanocytes, tobiano and frame overo!

European correspondent Jess Morton gives us the heads up on the latest in Italian helmet technology, and in Life After Racing we have Queensland in the winners’ circle with an OTT Standardbred and Thoroughbred who are enjoying successful careers in the show and eventing arenas.

Luke Purtill, joint winner of the last round of Delivering Dreams, recently introduced me to the inspiring Christine Nott. Chris reminds me that there are some truly wonderful humans in the world, and you can read all about her in this issue.

Wayne Copping climbs onto his Tackbox to explain frangibles, and in nutrition we talk topline. Our breed article features the versatile Standardbred, while this issue’s Young Rider is vaulter Bella Napthali, and our Perfect Partners are Emma Mason and Warrego Marco Polo.

July/August is action packed – so sit back, pour your favourite tipple and enjoy!  By the way, for the first time ever we’ll be releasing this issue as an audiobook.

Have a super month everyone and give your ponies a pat from all of us at Equestrian Hub.

Can you believe it!  We are officially on the downhill slide to Christmas. Thank you to everyone who applied for…

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